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23.9 one week later

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So, this time last week, I set myself the challenge of making up for all that I had been avoiding doing before, and generally getting myself organised and sorting things out. How has it gone?
Well, firstly and most clearly, I have done the work that was required of me. I had the things to present to my teacher on Tuesday that were on my list of things to do, and I finished my other project this morning in time to hand it in. Admittedly, it was not as good as I had hoped. See below for a very long, detailed description of what went wrong with the computers, I returned very early this morning, managed to get it to print, and then had only a couple of hours to finish everything else, so they turned out rather rushed and not to as good a standard as I had intended.
Meanwhile, as well, I have written out a new list of things to do. My old list I only looked at once every few weeks, and it had some vague ideas of what I should be doing, and suggestions by some of when within the next few days it should be done, then I would on occasion look through it and cross a couple of items off. The new list gives a few points for each day, dividing the work I need to do in the week up, giving me specific projects to work on every day, precise goals to aim for point by point, and if I can follow it properly and keep adding to it as I go, I should be able to get everything done nice and quickly, barring any more computer related issues.
Then, though, there come the less good bits, I am still putting many things off until later in the evening rather than getting things done nice and early, with the single exception of work that needs to be done within the next few hours. I have been struggling with typing recently. Last year I comfortably managed to complete the nanowrimo challenge as well as staying up to date on all my other writing projects. This year, all those other projects have pretty much been put on hold, and I am still struggling to keep up to target with just that one. OK, so the last few days I have been having to spend a lot more time than usual on my university work, that has not given me as much time as I would have liked for typing or for my other projects, now that I have finished this project and organised the work for the next few days, I can get that all more organised, or at least get more done.
Finally, I said I wanted to get into interacting more with other people, talking with my neighbours and classmates and so on, that has not happened so far, I think it might need another week. Trouble is, not only am I a generally shy and quiet person, I know that I am and so often do not bother trying to be anything else, and everyone else knows I am so they do not expect anything else of me, which just makes it, those few times when I do actually want to go to someone and say something, feel just that little bit more awkward and difficult. What I think I need is just to start small, exchange a few words with one person when there is noone else around for them to be talking to instead, and once I have reminded them (and myself) that I can talk, gradually build up from there. We shall see how that goes this next week, then. Meanwhile, having had a busy day, and then put everything off all evening, it is now getting rather late, so I shall end here and get ready for bed, I think.


18.9 need a name

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

These last couple of weeks I have been working on the plot of a new story idea that I really want to start writing. Most of it is coming together quite well, but yet I have continually been unable to choose a name for my main character, a typical 18 year old boy who suddenly starts developing magical powers. I asked around for suggestions, and of the first few I got, my favourite to start with was Jimmy, but yet something about it did not seem to quite fit, even after I used it for a whole day. Since then, I have also considered Nathaniel and Lucas, and more recently have been thinking of Jonny, a name I intended to use elsewhere but then didn’t.
So, I turn to others for help again, I thought, this could be a good chance to try out this interesting looking poll feature on my blog, and get people to vote on their favourite. well, I could try it at least, if I can figure out how to make it work.
So, if it does work, simply vote for the name you think works best for this character, or even better, provide your own suggestion.

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17.9 Before and after

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I feel I should put this up here, perhaps it will even encourage me to take it more seriously once it is official. As of yesterday, I have a new plan, yes, yet another one. I have given myself a week to try to sort out all those little things I complain about but never get around to doing anything about.
Yesterday was yet another day where I sat around thinking or flicking from one website to another just in case anyone had added a new comment in the last few minutes, or anything else I could think of just to avoid doing any real work. I ignored my timetable much of the time, I put things off until too late, and even then worked on them slowly and reluctantly. I am behind on my university work, and still not putting much effort into actually getting it done, and so on…
I am not going to expect myself to simply wake up in the morning totally different, I tried that before and it doesn’t work, so I am giving myself one week.
Next Thursday my second piece of university coursework is due in, I will have that finished on time and done well, and have made significant progress in all the various aspects of the next project. I will have gotten into the habit of working quickly and efficiently throughout the day, getting lots done for all my projects, university related and otherwise, leaving myself plenty of time to dedicate to whatever I want to do, rather than to waste simply trying to avoid work, I will have tidied up my room a little, gotten things organised, nice lists of what to do and when and how, will have ordered that book I have been meaning to get for a while, and pehaps, if all goes well, will have started getting to know my neighbours and classmates a little better. A lot to do, though really it should not be that hard, let’s see how well I manage in practice.

So far, only a few hours in, I have dedicated quite a bit of time, at the expense of following my previously worked out timetable, to catching up on the university work I have been putting off. Keep on like this and I will soon have caught up there, though it does mean all my other projects get put off to later in the evening again, and I will be rushing to get them done before bed again, especially since I have been back most of an hour and not even started any of them yet…

16.9 no work

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I was going to come on here and say this yesterday, when I could comment that my work on various projects was not going quite so well as I had hoped, but it has gotten worse since then. Some annoying computer trouble yesterday took up a lot of my time, even though really I could have just mostly ignored it, anyway, the result was that I got rather little done all that day, and found myself late in the evening rushing to do anything.
I am still attempting this Nanowrimo thing, but though I am managing it moderately well, only with some difficulty and nowhere near as well as last year’s effort. I have to hope, then, that I start to get into the story now and can write more the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I have been all but abandoning all my other writing projects, something else I would like to change, if I had enough time.
On the subject of not enough time, though, I also have a lot to do for my university work. I am due to show some to my teacher tomorrow afternoon, and so far I have done nothing more since they last saw it. This is my last chance to show them how well I can actually do before I have to hand the work in next week, so I wanted to have quite a bit done to a high standard, I guess I will be very busy tomorrow morning, then, four hours from when the art shop opens to when I have to have it ready to show. My other university work is not going that well either, moving along slowly, less time put in to it each day than I had hoped, I have a list of things to have done by Tuesday, and have done none of them.
Trouble is, things keep cropping up that aren’t on my timetable and leaving me behind schedule, or things take too long, or I just can’t be bothered to do something, and as soon as anything like that happens, it puts the whole rest of the timetable off and all my plans fall apart. same has happened today, more computer related trouble, I cannot see how to fix it, so I have about given up, moved over to my tiny laptop, and decided to write this to get myself back into the habit of working and to effectively put the rest of the day behind me.
Then, all I have to do is work hard the rest of this evening, get back into my timetable tomorrow, finish all my work on time, and finally get around to ordering this book I want. Apparantly it was out of stock in the first place I ordered it from, so I had to find somewhere more expensive, and they refused to accept my card details, even though there was nothing wrong with them, which then means the next most expensive place after that, I think.

5.9 Nanowrimo

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Perhapa I am a bit late to be introducing this now, given that it starts in a few hours, though surely most people around here have heard of it already? Anyway, my sister started on the 3rd her first year, and still won by a lot though she… well let’s just say she types quickly, always wins by a huge amount.
The basic goal of the competition is to type out 50,000 words or more of a book over the course of November. the idea is to bring in all those people that think they want to write, but never find time, always put it off to next week or next year, or worry that it will take them months, and get them to get started. The results are usually not that wonderful being so rushed, but that is not the point, having made that start, even if the story itself is far from finished, then people are more motivated to go on from there.
Myself, I have usually had little need for the motivation, being used to writing quite a bit most days already, but still I enjoy the challenge, and have set up my own arrangements, each year I write the next part of a series I began three years ago, and endeavour to finish the book on November 30th precisely, hopefully I can do that again this year.

So, that is why I will be even busier than usual these coming weeks, not that it would make much difference, considering how rarely I come on here. so, what will I be writing?

Plot outline- Imperium vol. III-Oceanus
The story so far, in brief and without giving too much away, this small secret group of people, led by ex-assassin Tylis, are attempting to track down certain other people that are of special interest to them, of which there are eight. they have, by the end of book II found three of these between them, and in order to speed up their efforts, have enlisted the help of a young magician, one who soon before had attempted to found an illegal magician’s guild, which failed because so few people cared about studying magic, in a place where it is harshly prosecuted by the Imperial government, at least, that is, until this guild produces an introductory book on magic, that goes on sale all over the Empire, introducing large numbers of new people to the study, or so they hope, and rather upsetting the government in the process. Anyway, the Emperor has gone and died, and been succeeded by his daughter, his only child, in spite of certain conservative elements of the Imperial Council, who wanted a male ruler found from somewhere. the Empress, then, is eager to prove herself, has plenty of plans to make things better, and has recently met with the Queen of some strange distant nation far across the ocean. Meanwhile, though, the tribes of the desert have been united and their army advances northwards against the Imperial frontier there.
So, this coming few weeks I will be attempting to continue that story, rebellion on the Regelan islands, Tylis and certain companions of his setting off over the sea to Belsaen Island to look for number four, pursued by curious government agents, and the Empress sending out missions to make contact with these other nations across the ocean, hence the name of this volume. Meanwhile, the war continues as well, and the Empress learns of Tylis’ plans and what he wants these people for, and seeks to effectively beat him to the task, hoping to use them for her own benefit, though also causing her to neglect her duties as ruler.

Perhaps not the best thought out plot ever, though in my defence, firstly it is only nano, it does not have to be perfect, and secondly, I have been rather putting off thinking about it until suddenly the start deadline is almost upon me and I have not even reread volume II in some months, not much of an excuse, I admit, but the best I have.

So, there we go, fun little competition, chance to get to met various other aspiring writers in my area, and to get back into the habit of writing quite a bit each day, something I have rather lost the last few days, it seems. Perhaps, I can even persuade some last few people to give it a go? Come on, it is fun, not that hard if you don’t take it too seriously, and if you don’t quite finish, noone minds and you suddenly become determined to do a lot better next year. You can even set your own targets rather than following theirs, though if you do less than the 50,000, you miss out on all the prizes. Yes, that’s right, lots of prizes, and best of all, a free book. Admittedly, it is only the one you have just written, but it is free, and then you can set it up for sale somewhere online too.

One last point, then, another chance for me to advertise my story, Imperium vol. I is available to read on the internet, via the link on this blog, at least, those parts of it I have gotten around to putting up there so far. If you are impatient or would rather a real book, both vols. I and II are on sale somewhere around the internet, though I have yet to find out where. Somewhere on the website, I think, if anyone feels like looking?

2.9 more ideas

October 27, 2011 3 comments

Everything seems to be about this new idea of mine, I woke up rather early this moring with an idea, and thinking on that more came, until I just had to get up and write them all down before I forgot. I managed then to create the whole detailed main character’s sister Charlie, a very unusual young woman, not least in that she provides the perfect counter to his magical abilities by proving that they are effectively useless and unnecessary most of the time. As well, plans of how the plot is going to go continue, and soon I might have started developing the other major characters and know the entire outline plot, this is going much quicker than any other planning I have done, though partly because I have been struggling all day to think of anything else. In fact, after a busy day yesterday, I was hoping to make up for that by getting a lot of work done, and so far have not managed that. By so far, I mean of course up until rather late in the evening, and chances are I will not get much more done after now either.

1.9 good and bad

October 26, 2011 Leave a comment

So, where did I get up to last time, ah yes, Sunday, missed chances and taking new opportunities. Well, three busy days since then, not a huge amount done towards that idea of making progress on my peronal projects. I have ordered a book that should be able to help me with one, at least a little bit, I spent Sunday evening and much of Monday quite motivated and intent on getting stuff done, but yet failed to find enough time for everything, what with being doing my university work until quite late, then finding that working through my current story ideas was slow and difficult given how little planning and research I have done recently, meaning that took up all too much of the remaining time. Anyway, by Tuesday whatever was motivating me had seemingly worn off, since then I have been struggling to concentrate on anything at all.
Then today, I went to visit my family for a couple of hours, and coming back the trains were a complete disaster, as always, one I was on was cancelled entirely, forcing us all onto another going roughly the same way, until that was filled to the top, then that was cancelled as well, leaving us all stranded in the middle of nowhere, the other trains increasingly delayed as we stood around waiting for another going anywhere near where we wanted to get. So, now I have only a few hours left of this evening to do everything I wanted to do, and missed out entirely a nice little meeting with a bunch of other aspiring writers in the area, which I had quite wanted to get to.
However, some good news, I have suddenly come up with what could be my best idea for a story ever (not that that is hard) providing, that is, I can do a lot of planning before I start, developing interesting complex characters and so on rather than just rushing in with the start of the actual story and hoping the needed complexity creates itself as I go. I have some quite interesting ideas so far, and will be forcing myself to not start writing until at least January, unless it all suddenly comes together perfectly before that. I have this theory that I could start a blog under the name of the main character and effectively create part of the story there as it would be happening in the real world, and as I plan and write the thing. Though, without revealing too much, I would need to be sufficiently sure of certain things before that, and that could take sme weeks more at least. Though, that does effectively prevent me from starting too early, I guess.
Anyway, now I have to try to make up for lost time this evening.