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22.1 a better blog

I’ve been thinking, and realised that if I want more people to actually read this (and otherwise what would be the point of it?) I need to offer something they would find more interesting than a series of long rambling rants about whatever I happened to think of. Now, it seems for most of the people bothering to stop by, that interest might be reading and writing, so I will be uploading an extract of my latest finished story, and attempting to release more information about what I am working on at the moment, rather than just saying how well or otherwise it is going, though without making it seem like a rather flat synopsis pasted on here in an attempt to look like an interesting writer’s blog, if at all possible…

Meanwhile I hope to introduce posts on a wider range of topics, with what I hope will be interesting comments on whatever is happening, and prefereably shorter than they have been so far, and perhaps one day even make it more interactive, persuade people to leave comments of their own, pose a few questions, even get advice. Perhaps some time I could even start looking around for relevant things to discuss here. Oh yes, and when I work out how, perhaps a few pictures and such like. So how does that sound?


19.1 theme for my blog

Over the last few days I have been carefully considering the various potential backgrounds for my blog. I am sure noone really cares, but anyway, here are the results:

‘Mistylook’- a nice picture, though the rest is rather plain, though that could be good, doesn’t overload people with too much stuff or draw attention away from the posts or whatever.

‘Coraline’- another nice picture, a slightly different shade of background. one thing I do like about this, though, is the way it gives the short description of each category at the top of the page.

‘Inove’- now this one I quite like how it looks, almost professional but not too serious. And, it gives a wider space to the comments, making my long rambling posts seem a little shorter. Meanwhile, it is slightly brighter looking, more dynamic or something

‘Koi’- last one, I rather like the way this one looks, reminds me of something I can’t quite remember, with the little doodling around the edge, would be nice if I could draw pretty patterns like that around my work without continually worrying how good they are or wondering what other people might think. I also like the way it carries on all the way down, rather than just going to plain white after a while.

In the end it was close between the last two, but bright and dynamic though that inove may be, I wasn’t too sure of the simple blocks of text against a plain white background, and I feel this one better reflects my personality and intentions for this little space.

For the record, not that anyone will ever read this, I have since changed my mind, that other one was starting to get a bit annoying after a while.

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