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22.1 a better blog

I’ve been thinking, and realised that if I want more people to actually read this (and otherwise what would be the point of it?) I need to offer something they would find more interesting than a series of long rambling rants about whatever I happened to think of. Now, it seems for most of the people bothering to stop by, that interest might be reading and writing, so I will be uploading an extract of my latest finished story, and attempting to release more information about what I am working on at the moment, rather than just saying how well or otherwise it is going, though without making it seem like a rather flat synopsis pasted on here in an attempt to look like an interesting writer’s blog, if at all possible…

Meanwhile I hope to introduce posts on a wider range of topics, with what I hope will be interesting comments on whatever is happening, and prefereably shorter than they have been so far, and perhaps one day even make it more interactive, persuade people to leave comments of their own, pose a few questions, even get advice. Perhaps some time I could even start looking around for relevant things to discuss here. Oh yes, and when I work out how, perhaps a few pictures and such like. So how does that sound?



It seems my laptop battery really is gone. I left it plugged in all day yesterday, it was fully charged last night, and this morning was empty again. I shall be looking into getting a new one, though if they cost too much, I might just give in and buy a whole new computer, I have seen some I like that are rather cheap. And I shall be backing everything up today, just in case.

Meanwhile, I have gotten around to changing the background on here, I narrowed it down to four ideas I liked, and will, so long as I remember, be testing each of them for a while. Now I just have to work out how to get all the stuff I want down the sides of the page, and have something worth writing in here.

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14.1 Should be on here more often

I really should, I can’t believe I have left it almost a week before coming back, I have started to worry that I can’t even remember why I started doing this.

Anyway, recent news, I have been getting rather behind on my coursework, getting out of the habit of working on it a while every day, and I have, as I expected before, run into some difficulties with my current work, I will have to work that out, but I am sure once I have done that, and gotten around to somehow finding and learning how to use one of the university’s prefered computer drawing programs I can get everything finished on time, if I work quickly enough from now on.

As yet, no word back from any potential publishers, though it has only been a couple of weeks. Also nothing from these people I thought I might be living with next year, I went to look around the house, I even sent them another email a while after, and no replies, it is as though they have stopped talking to me as well.

Someone seems to have been having trouble with the post service, complaining about items lost in the mail. I don’t know who, but whoever it was, the reply, which says there is nothing they can do, was mistakenly delivered to here. Unless it was meant for the people that lived here before, and moved out back in June, I believe.

And finally, work on my current writing projects is going quite well, though after a few weeks on the main one, I am starting to run out of different ideas, the same things are happening over and over, and if I end it as soon as it seems I might, it will be a really short book. The other I have no ideas at all, and will need to sit down one day and plan it all out. However, the battery on my laptop has finally died, I thought it was going quite well, managing to last over an hour some days recently, but just now it admitted to giving up, I am not sure yet what this will mean for my work in the library, or where I would have to go to get a new one, though I have been thinking of getting a whole new laptop for a while now.

That seems to be everything. Hopefully I will be back soon, then I can manage a few shorter posts, these first few seem to be rather long and rambling, there being so much going on between them.

8.1 lots going on

So, it has been a while since I was last on here, perhaps a bit longer than I would have liked, but it has been a busy week. University has decided that this is the week for getting us to do a whole project in just a few days, a sort of intensive course in a particular subject area. I ended up working on the redesigning of the local cafe, though truth is I don’t work remarkably well in groups, though I was not alone in that, and perhaps could have done better to get some of my suggestions across and influence the design more. Either way, after five days of this it was my group that won first prize, though I am not sure what the idea was behind giving one book voucher to a whole team of people, now I have to choose my share of books and we will compile a list to be bought and shared out amongst everyone. Fun. And there is a chance when they do come to make changes to the building, they will incorporate some of our ideas. And if they do, I think that would be better than a few days wandering around Vienna or Helsinki on one of the other options I could have chosen.

And of course staying here gave me a chance to keep up with all my writing work. Not as much as a normal week with only a few hours of lectures and such like, but I am progressing well. My latest story is going a bit slower than I would have liked, the part where I planned it all out beforehand did not go wonderfully, and I am running out of ideas. Usually I can just about make it all up as I go, but this time the new ideas and scenes are coming slower than usual. And still no word back from any of those publishers, though they did warn it might take some time.

And then, after all this, I have to go out this evening to look around what could be the house I live in next year, and meet the people I will be living with. I hope I make a good first impression. I am quite determined to talk more than I usually would, though I have been before as well, and it rarely works out like that. Still, I can only do my best, right? Wish me luck though. (Not that anyone will actually be reading this site any time soon, I’m sure) 1 hour 45 minutes I want to already be out the door and on my way.

2.1 Who am I?

As I promised myself, I have come back to provide a second post, in this case a few notes about my self. Now this is difficult, I have never liked writing about myself, and here the challenge I think is more to cover enough without rambling on and on about little details that noone cares about. I have to keep this interesting, or everyone will give up reading part way through, and I believe with some effort, this can be.

So, the basics, My name is Oliver, I am currently 22, I am an Architecture student, at Portsmouth University. This means I am living away from home, temporarily at least, for months each year. I am actually finding the course rather difficult at the moment, there is a lot more computer based work than I had expected, that is something that I struggle with, as perhaps you might see here. Also, I may have mentioned yesterday, I write books on occasion. Well, I have written some, though as yet no word back from any potential publishers on the first.

And now already I am starting to run out of things to say, there is a lot more, but I can’t think how to express it in words. Which is strange, I am usually reasonably good at words, typing at least. Talking not so much so, I find it difficult to talk to anyone, and when I do, I am always very quiet, I don’t know why, that is how I have always been, though I am starting to get better, slowly. Partly because of this I was labelled by my school in such a way that, regardless or not of how similar I am to their theory, everyone since has assumed they know what I am like when really they have no idea.

Why am I here, though, that is quite a question, what was it that made me think suddenly this would be a good idea. I really don’t know, I had an idea a few days ago, and seem to have forgotten it. My memory isn’t that great, well, I remember facts and such like easily, but things I have done or thought about just slip away too quickly. Something about a chance to get my own story out there somewhere, to tell my side, I sometimes think of comments I might like to make, but can’t really with my difficulty talking, and I am trying to make something more interesting of my life, all those plans I had before and gave up on, and I thought, well, why not now, if not now, then when?

Or something like that. OK, I give up, that should be enough for now, if I think of something later, I can come back.

1.1 (March 4th)

March 2, 2011 1 comment

Happy New Year.

Yes, it is new year. Now, I thought, it’s about time I tried out one of these blog things, so here goes: Alright, this time last year I was quite determined it was going to be the year that I finally made something of my life, I was going to work through all my plans and schemes, I was going to get decent grades, I was going to write some books and get them published, and so on…

And now, I can look back and see that I failed at pretty much all of those. I am having to redo my entire second year of university because I did so badly last year, and I can’t even remember what all of those plans were now. However, another new year, another chance at a new start, and this time it is already going well. In the last few weeks, I managed to finish the final edited version of my first book, (again, after losing the original final copy somewhere), and have sent it out to a few publishers, though with no replies yet. As well, and partly responsible for this, I managed to set out an organised timetable of work to do, arranged so I can see a simple list of tasks to complete each month. I have also gotten myself into the habit of getting at least two hours of university work done every day, at that rate, I should easily finish it all in time, if I can keep it up. And just today, I finally managed to finish some work that I had been finding particularly difficult, that had been taking rather longer than expected. And early enough that now I have time to go down to the library this evening and begin research on what I call my ‘history project’, a series of books on world history that I have been working on the last few months.

So, it looks like a rather better start to the year than it did thirteen months ago, let’s see how it turns out though, still a lot of chances for everything to go wrong…

Meanwhile, I still need to work out what to put on here. I already have enough abandoned diaries that are little more than descriptions of how much work I have (or haven’t) done. I need to find ways to make this more interesting, though I think I have some ideas already. We shall see tomorrow how well that goes.