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5.10: Chance 4

All this worrying about talking to people, and other stuff going on in my life recently, I totally forgot about the review this morning, rather than sitting around the class working and occasionally going to see the tutor for help, we had to take all our work in, put it up on the boards and give short presentations before discussing it with the tutors. This meant rather less opportunity for talking to my classmates, unfortunately, but I did do quite well in the presentation, talked just about as much as I could have wanted, explained my work, answered questions, discussed thing with the tutors, I even managed to point out a couple of details they had missed, and what is more, they actually quite liked my work as well. So, no chatting to classmates, but my best presentation by far, so that is something.
Meanwhile, I should add that I now have an incentive to talk more, I have found something that I really want, and have agreed to let myself buy it only when I have gone and talked to someone, though I decided not to include this presentation, or ordering food and drinks in a cafe, since those were things expected of me. Shouldn’t be too hard, right, just when someone says hello or some such to me, reply, a couple more exchanges of words, that’s it…

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