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2.10 Chance 2

I completely forgot about this until late at night. Or perhaps partly I just wanted to avoid it. Truth is, I should have thought more about this one, perhaps it was not even much of a chance at all, spending a little while with someone that talks barely any more than I do, whilst we were both intent on getting our work done, and I should have remembered there was a good chance noone else at all would bother turning up.
Tomorrow, though, I will do better, especially if I can get there a little early and greet people as they arrive, before they start talking to each other. Then, I will try to find chances to add in my own comments, not something I would usually do, but I am running out of time, desperate times, desperate measures and all that. But perhaps it will not come to that, if all goes well, merely saying a few words at the begining will be enough to signal to the others that I am intersted in being included in the conversation a little.

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