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1.10: Chance 1

Well, that could have gone better. I managed to lose the people I was supposed to be going and talking to, then when I finally found them again, they were just leaving. Turns out, they had decided at the last minute we are not going to meet up and work this afternoon, instead we are all going home to work on our own, and then email everything in to one person ready for them to print the night before it needs to be done. And this in spite of the fact that I had already emailed them to say I thought the whole idea was to learn from each others’ work, rather than just to get it done.
Anyway, so I did manage to meet one of the group members, turns out he was in a hurry to be off home, stopped only long enough to tell me what was happening, with a couple of gaps for me to say ‘yes, OK’ and so on, then disappeared. I mean, at least I said something, but I was all ready to actually have a little bit of a conversaton, I even had a couple of ideas to share that might have made all this a lot easier.
Tomorrow, though, it will go better, I know that is due to be a long and casual meeting, and that if I get there on time, there will be only one other person there, and she always says hello to me as I enter…

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