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17.9 Before and after

I feel I should put this up here, perhaps it will even encourage me to take it more seriously once it is official. As of yesterday, I have a new plan, yes, yet another one. I have given myself a week to try to sort out all those little things I complain about but never get around to doing anything about.
Yesterday was yet another day where I sat around thinking or flicking from one website to another just in case anyone had added a new comment in the last few minutes, or anything else I could think of just to avoid doing any real work. I ignored my timetable much of the time, I put things off until too late, and even then worked on them slowly and reluctantly. I am behind on my university work, and still not putting much effort into actually getting it done, and so on…
I am not going to expect myself to simply wake up in the morning totally different, I tried that before and it doesn’t work, so I am giving myself one week.
Next Thursday my second piece of university coursework is due in, I will have that finished on time and done well, and have made significant progress in all the various aspects of the next project. I will have gotten into the habit of working quickly and efficiently throughout the day, getting lots done for all my projects, university related and otherwise, leaving myself plenty of time to dedicate to whatever I want to do, rather than to waste simply trying to avoid work, I will have tidied up my room a little, gotten things organised, nice lists of what to do and when and how, will have ordered that book I have been meaning to get for a while, and pehaps, if all goes well, will have started getting to know my neighbours and classmates a little better. A lot to do, though really it should not be that hard, let’s see how well I manage in practice.

So far, only a few hours in, I have dedicated quite a bit of time, at the expense of following my previously worked out timetable, to catching up on the university work I have been putting off. Keep on like this and I will soon have caught up there, though it does mean all my other projects get put off to later in the evening again, and I will be rushing to get them done before bed again, especially since I have been back most of an hour and not even started any of them yet…

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