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16.9 no work

I was going to come on here and say this yesterday, when I could comment that my work on various projects was not going quite so well as I had hoped, but it has gotten worse since then. Some annoying computer trouble yesterday took up a lot of my time, even though really I could have just mostly ignored it, anyway, the result was that I got rather little done all that day, and found myself late in the evening rushing to do anything.
I am still attempting this Nanowrimo thing, but though I am managing it moderately well, only with some difficulty and nowhere near as well as last year’s effort. I have to hope, then, that I start to get into the story now and can write more the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I have been all but abandoning all my other writing projects, something else I would like to change, if I had enough time.
On the subject of not enough time, though, I also have a lot to do for my university work. I am due to show some to my teacher tomorrow afternoon, and so far I have done nothing more since they last saw it. This is my last chance to show them how well I can actually do before I have to hand the work in next week, so I wanted to have quite a bit done to a high standard, I guess I will be very busy tomorrow morning, then, four hours from when the art shop opens to when I have to have it ready to show. My other university work is not going that well either, moving along slowly, less time put in to it each day than I had hoped, I have a list of things to have done by Tuesday, and have done none of them.
Trouble is, things keep cropping up that aren’t on my timetable and leaving me behind schedule, or things take too long, or I just can’t be bothered to do something, and as soon as anything like that happens, it puts the whole rest of the timetable off and all my plans fall apart. same has happened today, more computer related trouble, I cannot see how to fix it, so I have about given up, moved over to my tiny laptop, and decided to write this to get myself back into the habit of working and to effectively put the rest of the day behind me.
Then, all I have to do is work hard the rest of this evening, get back into my timetable tomorrow, finish all my work on time, and finally get around to ordering this book I want. Apparantly it was out of stock in the first place I ordered it from, so I had to find somewhere more expensive, and they refused to accept my card details, even though there was nothing wrong with them, which then means the next most expensive place after that, I think.

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