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5.9 Nanowrimo

Perhapa I am a bit late to be introducing this now, given that it starts in a few hours, though surely most people around here have heard of it already? Anyway, my sister started on the 3rd her first year, and still won by a lot though she… well let’s just say she types quickly, always wins by a huge amount.
The basic goal of the competition is to type out 50,000 words or more of a book over the course of November. the idea is to bring in all those people that think they want to write, but never find time, always put it off to next week or next year, or worry that it will take them months, and get them to get started. The results are usually not that wonderful being so rushed, but that is not the point, having made that start, even if the story itself is far from finished, then people are more motivated to go on from there.
Myself, I have usually had little need for the motivation, being used to writing quite a bit most days already, but still I enjoy the challenge, and have set up my own arrangements, each year I write the next part of a series I began three years ago, and endeavour to finish the book on November 30th precisely, hopefully I can do that again this year.

So, that is why I will be even busier than usual these coming weeks, not that it would make much difference, considering how rarely I come on here. so, what will I be writing?

Plot outline- Imperium vol. III-Oceanus
The story so far, in brief and without giving too much away, this small secret group of people, led by ex-assassin Tylis, are attempting to track down certain other people that are of special interest to them, of which there are eight. they have, by the end of book II found three of these between them, and in order to speed up their efforts, have enlisted the help of a young magician, one who soon before had attempted to found an illegal magician’s guild, which failed because so few people cared about studying magic, in a place where it is harshly prosecuted by the Imperial government, at least, that is, until this guild produces an introductory book on magic, that goes on sale all over the Empire, introducing large numbers of new people to the study, or so they hope, and rather upsetting the government in the process. Anyway, the Emperor has gone and died, and been succeeded by his daughter, his only child, in spite of certain conservative elements of the Imperial Council, who wanted a male ruler found from somewhere. the Empress, then, is eager to prove herself, has plenty of plans to make things better, and has recently met with the Queen of some strange distant nation far across the ocean. Meanwhile, though, the tribes of the desert have been united and their army advances northwards against the Imperial frontier there.
So, this coming few weeks I will be attempting to continue that story, rebellion on the Regelan islands, Tylis and certain companions of his setting off over the sea to Belsaen Island to look for number four, pursued by curious government agents, and the Empress sending out missions to make contact with these other nations across the ocean, hence the name of this volume. Meanwhile, the war continues as well, and the Empress learns of Tylis’ plans and what he wants these people for, and seeks to effectively beat him to the task, hoping to use them for her own benefit, though also causing her to neglect her duties as ruler.

Perhaps not the best thought out plot ever, though in my defence, firstly it is only nano, it does not have to be perfect, and secondly, I have been rather putting off thinking about it until suddenly the start deadline is almost upon me and I have not even reread volume II in some months, not much of an excuse, I admit, but the best I have.

So, there we go, fun little competition, chance to get to met various other aspiring writers in my area, and to get back into the habit of writing quite a bit each day, something I have rather lost the last few days, it seems. Perhaps, I can even persuade some last few people to give it a go? Come on, it is fun, not that hard if you don’t take it too seriously, and if you don’t quite finish, noone minds and you suddenly become determined to do a lot better next year. You can even set your own targets rather than following theirs, though if you do less than the 50,000, you miss out on all the prizes. Yes, that’s right, lots of prizes, and best of all, a free book. Admittedly, it is only the one you have just written, but it is free, and then you can set it up for sale somewhere online too.

One last point, then, another chance for me to advertise my story, Imperium vol. I is available to read on the internet, via the link on this blog, at least, those parts of it I have gotten around to putting up there so far. If you are impatient or would rather a real book, both vols. I and II are on sale somewhere around the internet, though I have yet to find out where. Somewhere on the createspace.com website, I think, if anyone feels like looking?

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