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1.9 good and bad

So, where did I get up to last time, ah yes, Sunday, missed chances and taking new opportunities. Well, three busy days since then, not a huge amount done towards that idea of making progress on my peronal projects. I have ordered a book that should be able to help me with one, at least a little bit, I spent Sunday evening and much of Monday quite motivated and intent on getting stuff done, but yet failed to find enough time for everything, what with being doing my university work until quite late, then finding that working through my current story ideas was slow and difficult given how little planning and research I have done recently, meaning that took up all too much of the remaining time. Anyway, by Tuesday whatever was motivating me had seemingly worn off, since then I have been struggling to concentrate on anything at all.
Then today, I went to visit my family for a couple of hours, and coming back the trains were a complete disaster, as always, one I was on was cancelled entirely, forcing us all onto another going roughly the same way, until that was filled to the top, then that was cancelled as well, leaving us all stranded in the middle of nowhere, the other trains increasingly delayed as we stood around waiting for another going anywhere near where we wanted to get. So, now I have only a few hours left of this evening to do everything I wanted to do, and missed out entirely a nice little meeting with a bunch of other aspiring writers in the area, which I had quite wanted to get to.
However, some good news, I have suddenly come up with what could be my best idea for a story ever (not that that is hard) providing, that is, I can do a lot of planning before I start, developing interesting complex characters and so on rather than just rushing in with the start of the actual story and hoping the needed complexity creates itself as I go. I have some quite interesting ideas so far, and will be forcing myself to not start writing until at least January, unless it all suddenly comes together perfectly before that. I have this theory that I could start a blog under the name of the main character and effectively create part of the story there as it would be happening in the real world, and as I plan and write the thing. Though, without revealing too much, I would need to be sufficiently sure of certain things before that, and that could take sme weeks more at least. Though, that does effectively prevent me from starting too early, I guess.
Anyway, now I have to try to make up for lost time this evening.

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