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28.8 thinking on missed chances

Yesterday evening, I spent perhaps too much time thinking about opportunities I had missed before, and things I had wanted to do but now couldn’t. Just little things I would have liked to have done growing up and now am too old for. After a while, though, I did get onto thinking of other missed chances, those of projects postponed or forgotten for so long, of leaving things to the last minute and then not getting them done, and I resolved to work harder and get more productive stuff done each day, rather than just coming up with ideas and then putting them all off.
So far, it has not gone wonderfully well. I managed a little more today than usual, but still it has been to long since I actually bothered to edit any of my completed stories, for example, or to actually sit down and plan those I should be writing now, so I just keep going with those I have ideas for, occasonally research difficult points in the others, and wait until I get an idea. Not the best way of writing, but having left it to the last thing at night, I often do not have much time for anything else if I want to reach my target for the day. Today I did not do much better, but I am working on it, and getting there slowly. I think perhaps the time has come to start sorting out some sort of timetable to work from the next couple of weeks. It has worked well before, setting out exactly what I am going to do, up until the point where after a few days I deicde I need to do something a little different, and then it all starts falling apart around me.
Anyway, that is me, I sit and think about random things, decide to make a significant change to my life, and then don’t really bother more than starting typing about an hour earlier than I usually do. Well, never mind, always tomorrow I can try to do better, as I keep telling myself.

Oh, except I am busy all day tomorrow with some university thing, and on Tuesday, and then Wednesday I have to go and visit my family, and then meet with some people here in the evening. But Thursday, perhaps then I can make up for not having much time for my other projects then? If I still remember.

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