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27.8 and some more

So, not much going on in my life right now, getting my university wok done, bit by bit, otherwise the same as always, spending some time each day writing my various story ideas, time wasted trying to draw and so on, boringly usual stuff. Hence partly why I have not bothered coming on here much lately.

However, there are some intersting things going on elsewhere at the moment, and I thought, whilst I have stuff to be putting off, I might try commenting on them. So, the war in Libya, going quite well, it seems, though I have not yet seen much on the news about how well the new government is actually doing at running the place. Then again, no sign as yet of the division within the rebel forces, leading to the civil war I predicted earlier, though it is still early yet, most such rebel governments manage to last a few months before the real trouble starts.
Then, what of this news, things traveling faster than light. It popped up at just the right time to fit into my theory lectures, which are all about progress and change and uncertainty about what reality is, very interesting if not much linked to architecture. So, it seems the new theory is that they were not going faster than light, which is still impossibly, they only slipped outside of reality for a moment, into some other dimension where time and space work differently. This might, then, be evidence in favour of this ten-dimensional string theory that has been hanging around for a while, which suggests that there might be many more dimensions than we know of, just that we are unable to see them. Also fitting nicely into the following lecture, as did the idea that the whole universe is made up of different forms of energy, and that all that differentiates them into separate objects are our minds.
So yes, interesting news of late, shame about my own life. I was thinking earlier about opportunities missed before, things I never got to do whilst growing up, but sitting here typing this, I am thinking about opportunities missed later, about how perhaps I should be making more effort to do something useful with my time now, such that I have less cause for regret later on.

One final note, nanowrimo is coming worryingly close, I still have not started planning for it, I have only the roughest idea what might happen, but whole new places need to be added to the series, lots of new characters, interesting plot lines created, and existing ones resolved satisfactorially, and if I have not worked enough of that out in about a week, I will have to once again try to make it up in rather a rush, which only occasionally works out well, and never in a sequel before.

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