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22.8 university coursework day

So, my first coursework project of the year is due in early tomorrow morning. However, unusually for me, I thought I might get it finished with time to spare, all I had to do today was print out a picture, trace over it, scan that back into the computer and arrange everything across a single page ready to print. Should be easy, right?
So firstly, I open my existing pictures on one of the university computers, because my printer is refusing to do anything right now, and it turns out they work in different colours to my computer, everything I have drawn looks slightly different, colours that should fade into each other do not, many of the colours are much darker, my white building with failt shadows is suddenly grey and stripy, and the background almost as bad. So, I had to spend some time attempting to change as many colours as I could back to what they should have been. Then, having printed and traced over the last picture, all the scanners were busy, mine also refusing to work at all, so I hung around the university an hour or so, during which time I attempted to make a start on organising the page. Turns out the programs on their computers are not very good, one is very old, generally useless, and in particular cannot handle anywhere near the size and detail of pictures I was working with. The other, for some strange reason is overly complicated, to the point where to do something you have to tell the program what to do, then afterwards tell it to do the thing that you have just told it to do, I couldn’t remember how, it was taking ages to load anything, and the scale I had worked out was for my program here, so I had no idea how big everything had to be.
By this time I had a long and not very interesting lecture to go to, after that, I found a free scanner, had some difficulty with it not wanting to tell me where the program to run the scanner from actually was, but at last I had the scanned image saved, and then, I decided the only way I could get everything onto the one page was to send it back here, to email it to myself once more, since there is no way of copying things onto or off of the university computers otherwise.
So, I find myself, quite late this evening, trying to get this to work. Turns out my computer cannot work with such large pictures either, there has to be another way, I am sure, but as yet noone has bothered to tell me what. I have had to shrink the first image and the background down by two thirds, and redraw some parts. Now, I just have to hope none of my other pictures are so big they have to be shrunk down too much and end up looking wrong. Then, I have to hope I can email a file this size back to myself at the university to print it out, for which I will have to go in extra early to get done in time.
I was planning to leave a few days, perhaps even a week, at the end of each project to avoid things like this, but it was not really possible on a project already only three weeks long.

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