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16.8 been away too long (4)

It has been far too long since I last bothered to update my blog, I have been meaning to for days, but every evening, after putting it off for later, or simply forgetting, I decide it is too late and leave it for the morning. truth is, for once there is quite a bit to say, on a wide range of different topics, so I thought, rather than one really long post on every last detail, I shall break them up into different topics.

What else, oh yes, computer stuff. Aside from these various drawing programs I need for my coursework, I have never gotten on that well with computers, I can type on them and play games, but that is about it. Some months ago I decided to change this by actually learning how computers work, coming to understand why they do not, that sort of thing.
As an extension from this, I gained some interest in learning to write computer programs, had a couple of ideas of things I wanted to try, but it did not work out very well, noting did what it was supposed to however closely I followed the instructions. I gave up then, but in the last few days I have started again, and it is going rather better. I have found some useful online resources, places that can teach me much of what I need to know, and programs to help me organise and run everything, and within a few days, I had created something that actually worked and could handle simple maths.
That is as far as I have gotten now, though, I have been putting off studying more, the lessons are getting more and more technical, introducing new terms I do not understand without explaining them at all, there are ever more pages of going on and on about stuff I do not understand and less examples that I can study and work out how they work. I think I need to spend more time working on all my projects, including this one, rather than putting them off to sit reading or drawing or whatever else makes so much of my time disappear. That and perhaps I would be better off looking elsewhere for better lessons, perhaps I could go and buy a book on the subject, I have been assured that is the best way to learn.
Meanwhile, I have started to develop plans for the larger and more complex programs I will be able to work on once I have learnt more, perhaps I am being rather optimistic, but even so I am spending some time as well planning them out, mostly a couple of ideas for games rather than any of my other plans, simply because I find designing them easier and more enjoyable than planning different tools and functions for a new drawing program, even though chances are that is the sort of thing I would work on first. perhaps, with enough time and effort, I can design something that I can use for my coursework. Yes, I think I am being too optimistic, but in theory it is possible, someone must have designed those that I have been having such trouble with, how hard can it be to do something a little simpler and better?

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