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16.8 been away too long (3)

It has been far too long since I last bothered to update my blog, I have been meaning to for days, but every evening, after putting it off for later, or simply forgetting, I decide it is too late and leave it for the morning. truth is, for once there is quite a bit to say, on a wide range of different topics, so I thought, rather than one really long post on every last detail, I shall break them up into different topics.

So, what else is going on? Well, it has been rather hot these last few days, I suppose that is something. Meanwhile, I am starting to settle into my new place living at university, of course I would rather be at the other university I applied for, but that did not work out. Though, my room is still rather a mess, things all over the place, nothing well organised, I was intending to get everything organised nice and neatly this year, but that has not worked out so far, and little chance of that changing any time soon.
Oh yes, another complaint, it seems my blog is full of little else, this afternoon I went and bought something from the local market, only to get back, unpack it and find it was broken. I had been intending it as a present for my brother, and it did cost rather a lot, but now, I will just have to hope I can go back and complain and get a replacement.
And then, I have also started working out, I don’t know why, it just sort of happened. I always used to be really small and thin, you know how some people can touch their thumb and finger around their wrist, I used to be able to do that just about anywhere up my arm. A few years ago I made an effort to change that, but got bored after a few months, decided it did not matter and hardly thought about it again. Then, a couple of weeks ago now I suddenly started wondering if I should start again, just an idea that came to me out of nowhere, but it stuck around, and after a while I began considering it more seriously, and planned out a few ideas, well, started planning, the current arrangement built itself up gradually over the following days, so it is a little disorganised. Basically, though, I decided on a few simple exercises that I could do in my bedroom, and an arrangement to do more of each every week, it is now just getting to the part where the amount I have to do is getting a little difficult, but the actual exercises perhaps a bit easier. Anyway, early days yet, but we shall see how that goes.
What else, I have started drawing again too, I used to try sketching before, I was never that good, reasonable but not really good, certainly not any time I was not copying from an existing picture, this time I am drawing on the computer as well as on paper, and actually, where I am still not that good, and having to do everything really carefully, it is taking up a lot of my time. Sure, it is something I enjoy doing, but really it is not leaving as much time as I would like for my other projects.

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