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16.8 been away too long (2)

It has been far too long since I last bothered to update my blog, I have been meaning to for days, but every evening, after putting it off for later, or simply forgetting, I decide it is too late and leave it for the morning. truth is, for once there is quite a bit to say, on a wide range of different topics, so I thought, rather than one really long post on every last detail, I shall break them up into different topics.

So, I am back at the same university, and with much the same trouble as before. I was rather optimistic with starting out this year, but the first project, they want me to design such a tiny little building, and they require us each to design to certain styles for this project, in my case great importance is placed on open plan designs, but yet there is far from enough room for that, in a box only 3m across. Add to that, though, the greater problem, they are expecting me to use one of the computer drawing programs they have reccomended to me (at last), but having started using it, I am far from happy with it, much of it is overly complicated, some simple things just do not work at all, and the options are very limited, they only allow a very few different materials for walls and floors, and only the one window design, nothing like what I want. I assume there is some way of importing new designs and materials from somewhere, perhaps if I paid for the full version of the program, which is rather a lot, but for now, all I can do is draw out simple block shapes, look at them from different angles, and hopefully move them to another program where I can rub out all the awkward lines it draws all over them, put the shadows back into the right place, draw the windows on, colour in the materials, and somehow set it into the landscape, all outside of this reccomended program, which has given me nothing but the outline shape, I wonder how different it will be to my previous style. Still, I can only do the best I can, and maybe if I show that I am at least trying and that it is their program that it is wrong, they might take a few moments out to actually try to teach me something.

Meanwhile, outside of trouble with this program and with having to write essays on pretty much whatever buildings I choose, leaving me with far too many options to decide between, there is one other issue that has suddenly come to importance. Since I arrived, for reasons best known to themselves, the university has been insisting that I visit people that can supposedly help me with my work and other troubles, I have to go and see them twice a week, every week, and most of the time I just go, we agree that there is really little point in my being there at all and moments later I leave again. However, things are getting more difficult, and I may not be going any more. So, I admit, I turned up a few minutes late a couple of times, the first time I simply forgot about it, the lecture before had been suddenly cancelled, and my timetable was all different to usual then, but I did hurry over there just as soon as I remembered, and was only a little late. besides which, I was only there a couple of minutes, little more than enough time for them to get rather annoyed at my being late, and then send me away.
The second time, that was when things really got difficult. they had started arranging for people to go to some of my lectures and sit with me there, exactly why I am not sure, they seem to spend most of their time just watching me and taking notes on everything I do, this day’s lecture, though, I was alone in, but they had scheduled for me to meet with someone in their little office right afterwards, it was not the nicest of timetables, I had to leave a while before twelve in the morning, spend two hours sitting in this lecture, and then be at their place the other side of the university the exact moment the lecture finished. having had nothing to eat, I stopped to buy lunch on the way there, knowing it would take me a few minutes to walk that distance, enough time to eat. however, on arriving, only a few minutes late, they spent quite a whlle arguing with me over my being just a little late, then accused me of not bothering to go to my lectures, simply because when their people had gone to meet me there, they had not seen me. apparently their opinion of me is that if someone walking into a large and crowded room and does not immediately see me there, then I must have decided not to bother going, and that if I say I was there, then clearly I am lying. they have before implied that they do not know whether to trust anything I say, but never outright accused me of lying to them like that, however many times I told them I had been there, and that I had seen the person supposedly ‘helping’ me arriving very late and having to stand at the back, they refused to believe a word I said.
We spent a few minutes arguing over this, then they just sent me straight home, where I wrote out a perhaps slightly impetuous email where I outlined every complaint I had with them. Mostly it amounted to my analysis of our meetings, which consist of their making complaints about the slightest little thing I might have done, including arriving five minutes late or bringing in some work that they had already seen before rather than making sure everything I showed them was new, then they sat and filled in paperwork, we agreed there was nothing they could do to help me with anything, and I went again. the entire session seems to be just a way of making detailed reports on everything I have done the last few days, and nothing more. meanwhile, any time I do not know what I am supposed to be doing, any uncertainty over work to be done or dates of anything, and rather than going out of their way to help me find out, they blame me entirely, accuse me of lying and hiding things from them for some sort of joke. apparently everything I say is some sort of joke or a lie made up to get out of trouble, and they reciprocate by making their own jokes about any slightest thing I might have done wrong before, including some things that never actually happened, I am sure.
I had no interest in sitting there listening to them complaining at me about everything, accusing me of lying and deliberately making things difficult for them as a joke, when I knew they were of no help to me, so I put all this into a little email, reiterated my insistance that I had been at the lectures they said I had missed, and next time I saw them, they continued to refuse to believe me, argued about every point I had raised, and started increasingly exaggerating how late I had been, their latest claim is that I sometimes arrive hours late and just change the time on my watch to make it say I am right on time, which I have never done. So that is it, we agreed that it is probably not worth me going any more, they are considering sending me to someone else to see if that works out better, but I cannot see how it will.

So, a very long rant there, in conclusion then, the university is of no help still in teaching me how to do my work, yet another program proves less than satisfactory and I worry about the quality of my resultant work, meanwhile the people that are supposed to be helping me spend their whole time complaining about my slightsest mistake, and some more they made up just to have something to say, or writing reports on how they have been of no help to me because they have no idea how to help me with work they have no personal experience with. I will have to try my best with the coursework and hope it works out, and meanwhile, not bother with these pointless meetings any more.

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