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16.8 been away too long (1)

It has been far too long since I last bothered to update my blog, I have been meaning to for days, but every evening, after putting it off for later, or simply forgetting, I decide it is too late and leave it for the morning. truth is, for once there is quite a bit to say, on a wide range of different topics, so I thought, rather than one really long post on every last detail, I shall break them up into different topics.

Firstly, most importantly here, how is my writing goihg? I would say not very well, but that is because I am used to thinking that I can do quite a bit of work each day, and where recently I have been doing slightly less than that, and falling behind my target and then not being able to catch up, I am getting disappointed.
That said, though, I really should be putting more effort into this than I have been, writing my stories has become something to put off to the late evening and then try to get all done within an hour or so, regardless of whether I need to do lots of planning or research or anything as well. as a result, I have been coming to my work, finding I do not know how to proceed because I have not spent any time thinking about it since finishing the previous night, then only being able to write a little before I give up and promise myself I will start earlier tomorrow and get more done, something that rarely actually happens. on top of that, I have about given up with my editing as well, I have a whole folder full of stories I have written that need lots of work editing them, some that are almost done and some that are rather badly written and need almost doing all over again, I should be working on at least some of those as well, but I am putting them off over and over, partly because I simply forget to work on them, being as I am now used to not bothering, and partly because I have once again settled into the trouble of always checking exactly how much work I have done each day, exactly how many words I have written, and editing does not count towards that, so I always put it off and spend more time actually typing my latest first draft. my routine now, then, is to write out about a page on each of the three stories I am currently working on, rather than settling down to plan out larger parts of any one. I think I should simply write out a nice clear timetable to follow every day, that might work, it has before, for a couple of weeks, hopefully it still will.
On top of this, I am back to working on my history project again, and the same trouble there. I am now onto the third book in the series, and so far have barely bothered with any editing, I have a list of points I need to add into earlier books, but have not so much as bothered to read either since first writing them. Then, I am supposed to be illustrating them as well, but having a little difficulty finding a couple of images I wanted to add next, I have about given up on that too, been avoiding the whole task continually.
So, in conclusion, getting some reasonable amount of work done of first drafts of various projects, perhaps too many, but no work on planning, none on editing, a long list of other tasks I should be doing but do not have time for when I am rushing to so much as meet my day’s typing targets late in the evening, unless I can make myself dedicate planty more time to these earlier in the day, I might well need to write out a detailed timetable and make myself follow it.

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