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27.7 university

I have now been back at university a week, and I think I have just started to get used to it here, at least, to living here, if not so much to doing work and going to lectures and so on, which has not really started yet. However, it seems like everything here has been arranged in a slightly annoying way, the lightswitches are all over by the front door, a long way to walk to get to them, especially going to bed at night, the drawers are stacked such that they are hard to open and make not very nice noises as they do so, it is almost impossible to shut the door whilst in the bathroom, and impossible to get to the shower without sutting the door first, the TV has to be set to digital to get some channels and analogue to get others, a lot of messing around to change it over each time, the fridge door opens the wrong way, so you have to walk right past it to put things in the fridge, and back past it every time you want to take things out and put them up on the side, which is behind the door. the microwave opens at the top and sometimes refuses to work, there are no labels on the oven to say what each switch turns on, or on the shower to say what the temperature control does. And now, one more to add, we are requred to fill in a list of everything that is broken or dirty here, so it will not be blamed on us when we move out, but the list is on the internet, they did not say where, and when I emailed to ask, the reply I got was: ‘”Thank you for your email.” 2011/12 APPLICANTS- We will shortly be sending you information about the private sector & the excellent events we run to support you’ which is nothing like what I wanted. Meanwhile, it seems my neighbours here are rather quiet, at least, they rarely talk to me and I have only seen them talking to each other a couple of times, it seems they discuss where to go out each night, and the rest of the day mostly stay in their rooms, probably asleep recovering from each night.

And finally, a little update on my amazon trouble below, they agreed to refund me £5 if I kept what I had been sent, and shopping around it seemed the next cheapest place to get what I had actually ordered was nearly twice the price, and would have taken another few days to arrive, so in the end I did keep it, and now, a couple of days later, I think that was the right thing to do.

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