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24.7 waiting for amazon part two

So, having ordered two things from amazon, one due to arrive yesterday, so I had been told, and the other in a few days time, I sent emails to both regarding their not being able to deliver to my door, asking that they call when they arrive, such that I could go down and collect the delivery in person. the replies suggested that they had passed my orders on and that they would be followed. So, I waited by the phone all day yesterday, and nothing. This morning, I started doing the same. However, fortunately on occasion through this time I went down to see if I had any letters telling me that these orders has been ignored and that the first delivery was waiting somewhere else for me. After lunch today, I found two such notes waiting for me, slightly confusing, and sending me to two different collection points, luckily neither that far away.
So, I collected both parcels, which seemingly had been delivered on the same morning, without any phone calls, which proves all that waiting around was a waste of time. Happy ending, right, I got what I wanted and one of them early, yes? Apparently not, you see when I opened one of the parcels, I found they had sent me the wrong item, one rather smaller and cheaper than what I had ordered, which I am not happy with. So, I sent them another email asking what I should do about this. Chances are, I will have to somehow arrange for it to be posted back to them and then wait for the correct item, if they even have any left in stock by then.

Update: I have emailed the people that sold the wrong item, it turns out they do not actually sell the one that I wanted, and that someone put the wrong picture and specifications up by mistake. so, I now can either send it back, get my money back and buy what I wanted from elsewhere, for quite a bit more, or keep the slightly wrong one.

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