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23.7 waiting for amazon

So, earlier this week, I made my first order off amazon, and it seemed to go quite well, I got through all the forms, filling in address details, paying for it and so on, the expected delivery dates seemed good, times when I had little to be doing and quite soon. Then, it turns out the university had only given me half my timetable and I have a couple of other things to be doing, though what are the chances it will be delivered exactly then? Of course, the building I am living in now, I am not sure they could actually deliver to the door of my flat, they might need a key for the main entrance, and so I arranged for them to call when they arrived, and I would go down and collect the package. All OK so far…
This morning I worried about this delivery problem, that was when I emailed them asking for them to phone me when they arrived, and in their reply accepting this arrangement, they happened to mention that it was in the van, due to be delivered later today. That was before nine this morning, it is now nearly four and I have been sitting waiting for the phone, noone has called in all this time, and in a few minutes now I have to go into university for an important meeting. Of course they will arrive exactly then, find me not there and ship the package off to some warehouse on the edge of the city, expecting me to somehow get all that way and pick it up. So, unless they arrive within the next ten minutes, I have to hope something has come up and they will be delivering it tomorrow instead, or perhaps later this evening.

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