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20.7 Back at university

So, it seems all my efforts to get into a different university failed, I started too late,asked the wrong people, and quite possibly got the wrong grades to get their interest. So, I am instead back here, starting a week earlier, doing the same work again. Just this time, I will have to try a lot harder and do a lot better.
Meanwhile, though, I finally got my new laptop, it is quite nice, but as yet I have only just started moving things onto it from the old one. So, right now, I have three computers, my big desktop computer which most likely I will be using for most things this year, my little laptop, with a low memory, no CD drive and so on that I can type on and such like, and my old laptop, which I still need to get at some of my saved files to copy them to one or the other, if I can find where they all are.
And, it turns out, a slight difficulty even with all these computers around. Whatever they might say about wireless internet here, there is none, I found that out a while ago, and so I need to plug my computer in to get online. Right now, my big desktop computer is plugged in, if I want the internet on my laptop any time, I will have to somehow get the wire out the back of the machine, untangle it from the rest, thread it back up through the hole in my desk and plug it into my laptop. Meanwhile, it turns out, with the main computery part of my desktop on the floor under my desk, my headphones just do not reach all that way, so if I want to listen to anything online, I would have to do so on my laptop, which I had wanted to keep free of all that clutter and use mostly just for typing on. That or find something to put that computer on, to raise it a little closer.

However, I am here now, unpacked, settled in, the room is mostly tidy, I cannot think of anything I have left behind. as yet, I have not met most of my neighbours here, having spent most of the time since arrival unpacking. With my parents taking me out for lunch, I have not felt anywhere near hungry enough for anything to eat since then, perhaps that will change later in the evening, but right now, there is no reason to leave my room except just to wander about until I meet some of the other people here. I think instead I will get on with my typing, I have gotten a bit behind schedule recently. As well, I should really be getting on with practicing the sorts of things I will need to do for my work, learning how the new drawing program I got works, if it does, sketching out ideas, that sort of thing.

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