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9.7 all coming together now

I may be a bit behind on my timetable, but I have decided I do not much care, I am from now on going to be more interested in typing my stories well rather than fast and in the right order, or at least I am going to try, though it has long been a habit of mine to see such things in terms of numbers and dates, and that might be difficult to change. So long as I do not use it as an excuse to do nothing for days on end, an even more difficult habit to get out of once I have started, I intend to do whatever I can, when I can, to see what ideas I have and work through them rather than trying to force out rubbish on that day’s story. For example, though I am a little behind on planning the sequal to one of my earlier stories, and might start it in a few weeks instead, I have already planned in some detail a scene that did not fit into the original and will instead have to be the start of part three. So, now, I will most likely write up this scene before starting part two, rather than waiting maybe a year and hoping I can still remember most of it.

Otherwise, I have made some progress at university, my useful contact here referred me to someone there that might be able to help, though forgetting to give me their actual email address before leaving the country for weeks. I managed to get in touch with them, though, by asking their department for contact details, and now have their interest, and hopefully they will do all they can to help, there are still a couple of weeks left before the first term starts for us to convince the university staff they want me on the course.

And, after a few months putting off shopping for a new laptop computer, mostly because I had wanted to look around shops and my parents assured me looking online would be better, I avoided looking on the internet for them whilst waiting for them to drive me to the shops, they avoided taking me to the shops, still saying the internet was better, and after getting nowhere, we all almost forgot about the whole thing most of the time. Now, though, with the start of university coming close, they agreed to take me out shopping, and I agreed to at least look on a few websites the day before we went, and again after we got back, finding that all the computers were virtually identical. After a couple of days thought on the matter, looking at different models and sizes and specifications, even sitting and trying typing on some, I have narrowed the choice down to two, though of those, one I could get any of a dozen seemingly identical models at almost the same price, so of course I have been looking at the cheepest of them. If, then, the one I have seen slightly cheeper proves on a second look to have a decent battery life and not to be noticeably worse than any other, then I have two choices- the little tiny computer I wanted though with the worry that it might run quite slowly even though I plan to use it mostly for typing and such like on, or the slightly bigger, much better and more expensive one. If only there was some way of knowing how well the cheeper one would run before buying it.

So, things are looking a little better these last few hours, but still much to do, I have still to meet with various university people, make the final choice for my computer, write out a list of all the projects and such like I should be working on, and get into the habit of dedicating more time each day to editing all my stories rather than just typing lots of new ones and leaving them.

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