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4.7 short update

the last few days, then, I have managed to get back properly into the habit of typing a decent amount of some of my stories each day, and of editing some others, though not so many as I had hoped, I am still falling far behind my timetable, which I have not seen in a while. I think by this point I would have to rewrite it all, it would take too long to try catching up now. Otherwise, all my other projects and plans are going nowhere at all. One day soon, I might write them all down and see if I can decide what I need to do first, that might motivate me into making a start.
University application is not going well. I was supposed to email someone there and ask them for help, but the person telling me to do that forgot to give me their email address, and my other attempt at applying in the standard way, as though I am trying to start a new course just giving a different year of study, has not worked. Apparently they don’t let you apply to anything that they wouldn’t let a new student apply for, for some reason. I can just hope this contact there can do something to help.

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