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28.6 bored

Since I am completely bored, I thought I would come back here. Somehow I have managed to go most of the day insisting on putting working on writing over any other things I might want to do, and have as such managed slightly above my usual target for the first time in quite a while. Perhaps not quite making up for not doing so much for a while, and still far behind on my timetable, particularly on planning for my next story, but if I can keep on like that, perhaps I can catch up. Having managed that surprisingly quickly, I had nothing else to do, I read for a while, started a diary and played computer games for a bit, none of which I found particularly interesting, none of them I kept at for more than a few minutes. Which leaves me, still rather early in the evening, back here with nothing to do, unless I feel like going and doing some more typing, or perhaps trying to work out how to plan this new story, that I am not sure it is worth working on. Actually, I have a lot of others that I am part way through that I could continue with, but now that I know I have done enough today, I just can’t be bothered for more.

My spider plant growing near the window

Meanwhile I have finally learnt how to put pictures on here, if it works, so here is my spider plant. I had been meaning to post a picture of it on here before, but never did. Me and my sister tried to see whose would grow the largest, she was in the lead until we came back from university, I had just bought a much larger pot and the plant grew huge in a few days. Though, it looks little like the original parent plant, even though it grew entirely off of it, the leaves are so much bigger and darker. I wonder if I can breed them even more like that, choosing just the right ones from each generation. We shall see…

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