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27.6 doing nothing

I have come back on here again, not because I have anything worthwhile to say, but simply because once again I am sitting at my computer looking at my latest story, sitting there in front of me not getting written. I have some idea of what I should be typing next, this is a part I had been looking forward to, mostly as the previous chapter was rather long and going on a lot about not much, might have to cut some parts of that out. Were I just to sit and think about the things my characters have to do over this chapter, I have lists and timetables and everything, it should be easy to plan it all out, but I simply cannot be bothered, I can no longer get myself to even try thinking about the story, managing only a few words each day.

I suppose I am just out of practice, I spent a week away recently, and between all the walking about the shops, driving around the conutryside and finding not much to do, at least not much that was cheap and open and fun for everyone, I did a lot of reading, and a lot of time sitting with one of my writing books open in front of me not writing anything. I have two new books now, one for the new story I started ready for a week away from my computer, and the other for writing notes on each of my ideas, planning things out or just jotting down ideas. Both have only a few pages filled up. And, of course, a week away from the internet is part of the reason I have written nothing here in a long time. I said I would be back the next day, but I had nothing worth typing, I put it off later and later, and onto the next day, other things came up too, my grandparents birthday party, they both turned 80 within a few days of each other, I went out to meet someone that might be able to help with sorting out my university aplication, though I think it might be a bit too late now, I intend to keep trying, however I can, in theory it should still be possible, if I go to the right people. I have also recently started drawing a bit more, these last couple of days that has taken up a surprising amount of my time, the hours seem to just disappear.

But my main excuse is that there is simply nothing more for me to say here. I have rambled on as long as I can about university troubles and struggling through a full timetable of story writing, and I have nothing else to say. Perhaps I should start finding other things to comment on, the news, interesting things I have learnt, other projects of mine, if I ever get back into any of them…

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