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13.6 back again

Been a long time since I was last here, I’ve fallen into a routine that I would rather not, spending all too little time working, particularly on the editing that I was supposed to be doing. My plan had been to spend less time actually writing my stories over the summer and instead to work on improving those I had already done, but instead I have been too interested in keeping my average daily word count up, and in working on some other projects, as well as getting out some of my old computer games that I have not been playing much for a while. So much of the day disappears that by the time I come to start typing and such like, it is getting late, and that takes some time, too, having little idea what to do, in spite of my earlier efforts at planning, and having to research lots of little details. This is becoming rather long for an excuse as to why I have not been getting around to making any new posts here, and I still haven’t gotten to the point, which is simply that after all that I all too often find myself working late in the evening, and forgetting all about doing this.
Not that I have anything else to say than this, it seems. as perhaps you can tell by now, my efforts with these stories are not very much, little editing, a few pages of typing each day, I am falling further and further behind in my timetable, I don’t think I have even looked at it in weeks. I am sure I should already be planning my next story as well, and have made no attempt at even thinking of a start on that. I did come up with a plan to put all that behind me and get on with everything I had fallen behind on, but I have been ill the last couple of days, on top of everything else, and just never quite got around to it. Maybe tomorrow? then, still nothing on university, I have finally managed to extract the name of some drawing program out of one of my teachers and given it a go, with a bit of trouble to start with I think I have gotten the hang of it, or at least parts of it. Maybe I can learn more about it on the internet. Otherwise, I have seemingly given up on applying to move to a different university, or at least not gotten around to it day after day. Maybe I’ll try to sort that out tomorrow. I have a suspicion I’m rambling on a bit now with no idea what else to say, and it is getting very late at night now, perhaps I’ll come back tomorrow, see how things are going then, now I am starting to feel a bit better, and might have more time, and something worth writing about.
I guess I just wanted to put something down, now that I have finally remembered for once.

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