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24.5 more on writing

But what is happening with my writing, that is what I am supposed to be doing here, not ranting about university over and over. truth is, though, not very much is happening. I have managed to keep my average word count about the same, two different stories are progressing, if quite slowly and with less idea of what is coming next than I would have liked. Meanwhile, my plan to go back to all those I have already done and try to make them better is not working too well, simply because I am not bothering. Though, I think that has more to do with having tried before and not made much difference than anything else. I can read through everything and see that some bits are badly written, but not how to change them, whilst in other places, I know little bits I have to add in, but am struggling to find just where to put them. Of course, if I had planned everything out a lot more before, much of this might not have been necessary, I could have created some detailed and interesting characters, known most of the plot before writing it, and afterwards been left with only a little bit of editing, rather than having to rewrite large parts of it, adding in new characters, changing large chunks of work entirely, or just trying to slip extra scenes in that I would have realised were necessary much earlier had I better known what my characters were going to turn out like. At least, the next couple of ideas are for sequals, which might help there a bit, though it does mean I have already used up many of my best ideas and will need to think up something else for them all to be doing.
Still, with enough work, bit by bit I should be able to make a noticable difference, at least to most, one I think I might have to just give up on, though I was not sure it was worth bothering with even before I started. All I have to do, I hope, is plan things out a little better, and find time each day to make the needed changes, rather than putting everything off until the evening and barely having enough time for a few pages of typing.
Or, I could just decide that I am spending too much time on this, rushing and letting it take over, and instead come up with some new timetable where I only do whatever I feel like each day, slowly and relaxed and working on whatever I think I should be instead of trying to get so much done, keeping up such a high average and trying to edit everything at the same time.

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