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10.5 more of this

When did I leave off telling of this latest trouble? Last week, it seems, surprised it has been so long, there should be so much to add, but really there isn’t. I went to the meeting on Tuesday, it took a long time to get there, I had a whole bunch of arguments worked out, but in the end, faced with two of my teachers talking at me like a child still, I just couldn’t bring myself to effectvely openly criticise them, or to argue with them about what was really a simple matter of university policy. I had not gotten the required grades in the required number of units, therefore I had failed. Nevermind that they had all but assured me I would pass one if I did certain things, which I did, never mind that I had only failed small parts of each unit, by a couple of points, nevermind even I had gotten what was apparently the highest grade they had ever seen on one other, whatever my feelings about being able to fix my work, to do better next time, to argue that I had been marked unfairly low, I had to accept that the rule was the rule. Though, I might send them an email soon, raising a few of these points.

Now, I have the question of whether to 1) repeat the whole year again, do a lot better and prove them all wrong, but have to spend months working hard and paying for it all myself, 2) repeat only those units I failed on, giving me rather less work, though spread out throughout the year still, have to pay for it still, and be limited in those units to what would give me at most 49% over the whole year, just short of the grade I was hoping for, 3) give up and forget the whole thing or 4) do some other university course, at three times the price, and hope I do better at that, now that I know how the system works.

I have no idea, though 2 might well ruin any possibility of moving to a different university, which might well have a rather different structure to the year. At the very least, unless I can be very persuasive in the next few days, I will not be doing teh last year of the course next year, however much I think repeating the year achieves nothing but proving I could have done third year had I been given the chance.

Meanwhile, no word yet on moving to our university either. I know someone that knows someone that works tehre and might be able to help arrange everything, though as it happens they retired on Friday, I barely saw them at the retirement party, but we should get a chance to talk such things through some time soon. Perhaps I should sent tehm an email too, explaining everything that has happened, though it doesn’t seem right bothering them with such things now. Although, they did say a few months ago that they would try to sort something out, it doesn’t seem right either them just leaving that not done.

Meanwhile, another few days of not getting much work done in my stories, certainly little editing, and struggling quite a bit at these two stories I am trying to write, little idea what to have next, and struggling to find time for the work, with all the time I waste every day, and all the things my parents have managed to arrange recently. Although, today, even with a rather long party, which consisted of sitting at the park watching the children play and eating a bit, and reading rather a lot too, I managed quite a nice couple of hours typing, getting quite a lot out of a couple of simple descriptions, and setting out what is due to happen next, hopefully that will make the next few days a little easier.

So, I need to continue typing, get back into the habit of editing all these other stories, there are so many, not least because I have gotten rather behind in my timetable, sent this email to my teacher, and get around to downloading some of these drawing programs of theirs, trying them out a bit and seeing how optimistic I am then about doing better next year. A busy few weeks, I expect, made more so by the amount of time I will likely spend putting all this off and finding other things to do to leave the real work to rather late in the evening again. Perhaps I could write out a timetable, but too much is unpredictable being back here, and there is no garauntee that I will follow it this time around.

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