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3.5 lack of organisation

I think I might need to start being a little stricter with myself regarding getting some work done. Too often these last few days I have fallen back into that old habit of leaving everything to late in the evening, then I either stay up really late or give up and end up with hardly anything done. I am falling far behind on my editing schedule, my average words per day has been dropping and I only started this essay I have to have done for Tuesday this evening. And, it has taken me until today to realise that another month has passed by and I should have completed whatever was on my timetable for last month and started on a new bunch.

I did a little better today, I started the day determined I would put work first and get a reasonable amount done on a range of subjects. However, of course with it being a really hot and brightly sunny day, my parents insisted on taking us all out to the zoo, not getting back until mid afternoon, I had quite a bit to catch up. However, I have managed at least a few pages of editing, a little preliminary research for my third history book, a few pages of writing on two different stories, and I have written up a quite reasonable first draft of that essay. And it is not even 9:00 yet.

Now I have proven I can do it, I just have to get on with editing all those other stories, particularly the rather badly written ones with all the holes and such like, and the one that was supposed to be finished at the end of last month and that I have not looked at in weeks. And, of course to get around to planning at least the next few chapters of my various stories a bit better, so I know what to actually write about and can do it properly and hopefully a bit quicker and easier. And try to organise all these tasks I have somehow, decide whether it is worth continuing work on all of them all at the same time, and reorganise my official list of story ideas to add all the new ones I have come up with, decide which are not all that worth bothering with, and perhaps find some way of changing a few to make more sensible plots from them, things that I could actually imagine being real novels that people might read one day.

And of course, I have to go to university, try to convince them they want me to stay there and that I can fix all the mistakes I had made before and that they have yet to tell me what they were, and then go to another university and convince them they want me as well, and then spend some weeks learning the complex specialist complter programs they would like me to use, getting myself up to the standard of the rest of the class, and anything else I have forgotten. A busy summer ahead, a whole month disappeared without being noticed, too little organisation, too much time spent not working, and in particular too much spent putting work off without really doing much else instead.

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