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1.5 trouble again

So, I have recfently recieved both an email and a letter informing me that I need to be at university on Tuesday, to discuss my future there. My parents are a little annoyed at it being such short notice, with everything they have to be doing, but yet they still seem certain they will be taking me there, rather than leaving me to get the train really early in the morning and walk around central london looking for the right station to get the next train, which will take about twice as long as driving there. Part of the reason I am actually so eager to move somewhere else. However, I am determined I should go, I have to convince them they want me to stay there and let me continue onto next year, before then trying to convince our university they want to take me on instead so I can move there, a lot of work and made much more awkward by the fact they they have, for no apparent reason, given me marks just slightly below what I needed, in spite of how much better I have been doing recently, compared to my almost identical marks for a pile of rubbish last time.

I will have to go there and argue with them about why this is the case, I simply cannot understand their reasoning, after I was told that I was at least close to passing and given a list of things to do to make my work better, all of which I did, only to go back and be told that was not enough, what more was I suppoed to do? Why will they not tell me before, whilst I could still do something about it? I can only assume that whoever marked my work had a rather lower opinion of it than the people that had been looking at it before. My only hope, I think, is to convice them all that I can get all the extra work done, if they will only tell me what I have to do for once, over the course of the summer and perhaps some time next year, in spite of the fact that they are sure that would be far too much work. I am only a few points off of passing, and am sure most of that is from some technicallity that I missed out on when I submitted my work, rather than the work itself not being very good, and besides I am sure I would have enough time myself, I have been doing this long enough, and with a rather busy schedule outside of university too, I can find the time, if only I can persuade them to let me try.

Still, I also have to write them an essay, things that I have learnt, things I could do better next year, things that did not go so well this year and so on, the fact that they are interested in my plans for doing better has been encouraging, at the time I read that I was starting to worry if I had failed entirely, but surely they have not made their minds up to throw me out just yet, right? And the last point, any hinderences to my achieving these goals, so long as everything else works out OK, the only hinderence would be if they make me repeat the whole year again, to sit through the whole year of study all over again, just to prove that I can do the same work, (though it would have to be a little different each time) but drawn in a slightly different way, to show them that I could have done well enough to have gotten a decent grade in my third year, had they been allowing me to do that instead. That is my biggest worry now.

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