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20.4 struggling along

Thing are not going wonderfully well at the moment. I am having some difficulties with almost everything. I am only slowly working through editing all my story ideas, I worry I am not finding enough to change. then there is the new work I am writing now, I have gotten myself into working through three separate ideas, the second part of my spy series, my story set in ancient rome and a new idea I have suddenly started working on, with a baby dragon and such like. On all of these, I am progressing slowly, struggling to work out what should be happening next. I am getting there, bit by bit, it is a good thing I am working again on so many ideas, that way I can work on whichever I happen to have an idea for. When I get around to it, that is, I seem to be spending rather little time actually working on any of this, and none on any of my other ideas of projects.

And now, it looks like I might well have totally failed university. My grades are just a little under what they need to be, and I might just miss out on the chance to do a little better. In theory I get one last chance to fix those bits that were not so good, but as it seems I have messed up just too many projects to be allowed to do this, even though I am only a little bit of work away from passing each one. the theory is that if I fail too many projects, it would be too much work to get it all up to standard, but I am sure it is not. Meanwhile, I am not sure how I managed to do actually in some places even worse than last year, I would rather like to go back and try to understand why, to talk through what went wrong, I suspect at least part of the problem is simply that I had difficulty getting the computers, and more so the printers, to do what I wanted. There is, I think, a whole list of things I could argue in favour of my work, but I will not bore you with all the details now. Suffice to say, it seems very close to my failing entirely. Though, on occasion, I have wondered if this might be a good thing, give me a little more time for everything else. Not that that seems to have helped much these last few weeks, I have been less productive now than I was whilst also rushing to get all my coursework done.

  1. June 20, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    It sounds like you’re feeling overwhelmed. Have you tried separating the work you feel you need to do into small manageable chunks?

    For the editing, perhaps ask someone else to take a look at your work–or at an excerpt?

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