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14.4 here again.

OK, I am going to do this today, no more putting it off, no more leaving everything to the evening and not having enough time for it all.

So, I got back from university some days ago. Everything was piled up on the table and around the kitchen for a while before I unpacked it all, sorted it all into boxes, and tucked half of it away in my grandparents attic. Over the last few days I admit I have not been so productive as before, my history work finished, as well as my other story, and a new one started, actually two, I had a sudden good idea and started on it right then rather than doing that thing I had decided on, sitting and thinking through all my ideas, trying to work out which were worth bothering with, and when to start working on each of them. I still haven’t gotten around to that yet, but perhaps some day soon. However, I have been having some difficulty continuing with these two plots.

Meanwhile, I have been reading more, and starting to realise that my work is not really that good at all, it needs a lot more work, in fact, I got rather disappointed one evening, gave up on what I was struggling through (though it was once again rather late and I had little idea how to progress) and decided the thing to do was to rewrite entirely each of my stories, to dig them out from wherever I have them saved, open up a new file on the other side of the screen and copy them over bit by bit. It was something I used to do when looking again at things I had written many years ago, and my other attempts at editing just by making a few changes within the story have not gone too well.

Meanwhile, I recieved at last a letter from one of the publishers I contacted, a long time after sending my manuscript to them, they apparently have no interest in the story, but will still willingly look through anything else I write that might be more their sort of thing, whatever that is. And, just this afternoon, I got back all my university results, I have not done as well as I had hoped, still no idea quite why, my tutors are always rather vague on exactly where I am going wrong, I am hoping I will be able to go there, talk to them about it and get one last chance to do better, same as I had a couple of years ago. Except that time they did not bother to send the letter saying when to go in and see them until after I had missed it, so I had to do it all without any advice at all. I really hope they will actually bother to explain where I went wrong just this once, it is quite difficult to get annoyed at them going around failing me like that when I am not too sure what to get annoyed about.

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