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1.4 another new month

It hardly feels like three months I have been doing this, the time has gone by so fast. but yet again, here I am looking back at my carefully worked out timetable, seeing what I have set for myself to do this month.

Of course, as I have been expecting for some time, due to start work on the sequal to my spy story, the one I have been busily planning the last few weeks, up until quite late yesterday afternoon, when I worked out a slightly different alternative sequance of events, and now have to choose between two slightly different opening scenes, three weeks apart.

As well, aparently I am expecting myself to work through the third draft of the original this month, though I have recently started coming up with a few ideas of what needs to be different, particularly with regards to the main characters and how they act. other parts, though, I am less sure on, I will just have to hope I can work something out.

Then, fifth draft of vampire story finished, time to start on the sixth, hopefully the last, other than one final read through, the previous draft did not go so well as I had hoped, I had difficulties fitting ideas in, and spent the last few days writing out a detaied synopsis to help find opportunities. Apparently I should have finished the whole thing by the end of the month, then perhaps I can start sending it out to various publishers.

Today also means three months since I sent out the manuscript of my first story, the longest I had been warned it might take to consider. Still no word back from anyone regarding that, though I had not really expected anything these last few weeks. I shall have to hope they like my next couple of attempts better, and meanwhile look back, see what there is I can make better.

And I am due to finish all three of my other first drafts too, story 4, with the zombies, I finished months ago, story 5 might take a couple of days longer, and my history work should be done later this week. then I am supposd to be working on the second draft of at least the first two of those.

Rather a lot of work, and also anything else I remember that I said I would leave for the summer, though without any coursework or lectures or anything, I might well have easily enough time for it all.

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