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29.3 back again

So I haven’t been on here much recently, what with all that work. And with not feeling that well, and frankly with nothing much to say. I thought I would just pop by and let you know I do still exist, I haven’t given up, just yet.

And also that my story is now online, well the first part of it is, I thought it best to add little bits at a time, to keep people interested, or something, rather than just dumping it all there and leaving it. If anyone cares, it is right here: http://imperiumfree.wordpress.com/

Otherwise, nothing much has been going on, I got a bit of shopping, including birthday presents for my sister, I transfered a plant into a bigger pot, hoping it will grow better there, (me and my sister are trying to see whose will grow the biggest, not long left now) and truth is I have been struggling a little with my work, having finished all that university stuff, after working seemingly all day every day for a while, I just can’t be bothered now. So, getting a little behind on some projects, running out of things to plan for my next story and to edit for that vampire one (there is still a lot needs doing, I just don’t know how) and this close to going home I still haven’t made a start on tidying my room, packing everything, or even revising for my exam tomorrow afternoon.


Meanwhile, it seems I should update my list of progress on various stories more often, turns out I typed my millionth word late last Monday without realising. (Though that does include over a hundred thousand on stories I have written a few pages of and gotten bored and left for later, but not about as much on stuff I had been working on and decided is terrible and not worth continuing with.) Still, it is a nice thing to have achieved. So, of course, being me I added all the numbers up, went back through my work and found that, depending on which I was working on later that day, which I cannot remember, my millionth word was either ‘other’ or ‘over’, the former from my Roman character being arrested and the latter from an account of the start of colombian civil war in 1899, from my history project. Not that anyone cares.

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