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25.3 friday

I start with a confession. I determined some time ago that this month I would work on planning my next story every day, and it had gone quite well so far, only one time did I even decide that working meant five minutes and about two lines of notes. But yesterday, being as I was rushing to get all my coursework finished, working almost non-stop from soon after breakfast until midnight, I simply didn’t have time for, actually any of my other projects.

Although, it does mean, I have finished my university work now, other than this one last exam next week, so I have a lot more time to dedicate to working on other things. I think I should make a list, all the things I said I would leave until summer, then I can see just how busy I will be, and which ones to start working on next.

Meanwhile, did I say on here a few weeks ago about getting a letter for someone that used to live here. They had lost something in the mail, I think, and were sent a letter apologising, though it ended up here. Well, what’s happened now is, the same people have had another letter delivered here by mistake, more on the same topic, I hope, unless they are very unlucky, and we have been sent a cheque for £40. Of course, it’s in their name, so none of us can claim the money, but still, someone somewhere has been having all this trouble with the postal service, and even after writing to them to complain, their letters about the issue are still being sent here.

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