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16.3 done at last

So, that’s it, all my coursework, for this current project, is finished, I have drawn the last picture, written the last label and finished the last forgotten details of the model. And it’s only eight, still a few hours left to go. Forteen hours, though, I will have all my work up on the wall, waiting for it to be marked, for which chances are I will have to try to talk about it in some detail, something I still find rather difficult.

This means, more time for other stuff from now on. I still have that book I was supposed to be sending off to get a free printed copy of, I need to make a nice cover for it first, though. Then, I have all my other stories that need editing and such like, I have been managing a little, but not much. I have hit a difficult part in the one I am supposed to be writing now, it isn’t getting anywhere, and neither is the other that I dug out of my pile of half finished attempts, it still needs a lot of research for historical accuracy, and planning to get some sort of plot in amongst that, this time around. My last attempt at a historical story turned into just a detailed explanation of events of the time. Which reminds me, I still have my history project to be getting on with, I really need that done before I go home, so I can get at the library. Almost finished this chapter, then just one more to go, and quite a short one I think. Hopefully, of course, I will have a lot more time for that with all my work done.

And then, yes, today’s other big news. So, some weeks ago, I managed to arrange, at quite short notice, joining a small group of people to rent a house out in the city, it took a while, and things could have gone better between us with me struggling so much to talk, but it was sorted out, I had given them my deposit cheque and everything. And then, I checked my emails, and there was one from them, apparently there have been some complications, someone might well be dropping out, a space opening, and as it turns out, days before everyone goes home, the only option is to rent out to some random people from the local area, and they come as a pair, so I have to leave. I was only brought in to make up the numbers, now the numbers have changed, so off I go. No idea where, though.

Although, this could well be the opportunity I was hoping for. For a while now I have been considering leaving here and moving to a different university closer to home, I think I would be better off there, and it could apparently have been sorted out, had I asked earlier. Trouble then, was, I was already obliged to rent out this house, pretty much the only thing keeping me here then. And now that has gone, if it isn’t too late, I might be able to get something sorted, I luckily have friends in the right places back home, and still a few months before the new year starts to get it all sorted. I shall have to wait until I get a reply to my email, though, it might now be too late, or they might not want me when they see my work and grades, that was what I worried about more, last time I thought seriously about this. I keep changing my mind about this, but I think if I can, I should go through with this, otherwise I might well regret it, whereas I have already done this here, seen just what it is like.

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