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12.3 day by day

So, I had a nice timetable all worked out, what work I had to do each day, plenty of time for everything, all my other stuff too, history work, writing and editing various stories and so on. Then I realised my mistake. You see, I have two projects due in for university. They are both based on the same building, but they want different things, and are due in at different times. The main one I have to have done and in at 10 on Thursday, at the very latest, and that I think I can manage, so long as nothing else comes up. The other, though, Monday, it seems. And, just the one that I decided really should be done on the computer. Using a program that I can only access in the university IT rooms, which are closed all weekend. Great.

So, I have been rushing the last few days to try to get all of it done by Friday evening, abandoning my carefully worked out timetable, getting behind on everything else, and still not enough, I have a worryingly large amount still to do Monday morning, and I have no idea what time it has to be done for. I am hoping about 12 at the earliest, these smaller assignments are usually a little later, they give a few hours range to take them to the office, rather than a single time they have to be displayed on the wall by. With everything else, though, I have been getting up early in the morning every day, starting work right after breakfast, and giving up on everything I haven’t finished at midnight, which is actually quite late for me.

Though it does mean that now, when I can do nothing more for two days, I can work on my other project, which is a little easier, and I can follow my timetable, I know roughly how long it will take, I am confident six or seven hours a day will see it all done in time, maybe with even a few minutes to spare this time, it means actually a slightly more relaxed day today, not so much to do, getting things done on time, ticking them off one by one, and hopefully more of the same this afternoon and tomorrow. I even had a few minutes spare to come here and type all this out.

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