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8.3 late at night

I am sure now I am doing too much work. Last few days I have been struggling to get everything finished on so many projects, and now I have even more coursework to be doing. Only a week left to get it all done, this morning I went in and got a last few bits of advice, confirmation that it was still a reasonable idea, though there are a few little bits to work out, hopefully rather quickly as I have so little time to do it all. Meanwhile, I also wrote out my timetable, and actually there was a surprising amount of room, once everything was neatly organised along the course of each day, spaces which I mostly filled with more university work, and even then I am not sure I can get it all done in time. I managed rather little in the few hours this afternoon, other than looking up some notes I will have to use later, and even this late I haven’t finished everything I had wanted to, things have been coming up, work taking longer than expected and so on, and of course just as it was looking difficult, my parents chose that moment to phone and talk for quite a while about not that much. I know some people on the course often go until much later working away, sometimes all night if they have to, but I don’t think I could do that, even though I suppose I have more to do than them. Hopefully without having to spend a few hours at the university tomorrow I will have a lot more time to get some real work done. Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, I have hardly been able to find time to come on here, even for a few moments. And this is far from the only thing I am neglecting. I still have a stack of DVDs from christmas that I haven’t gotten around to watching yet, for example. Perhaps I could postpone some of my work, leave off continuing with the later drafts of my stories, for example, I am sure I could do that over the summer when I have a lot less else to be doing. I already came up with a plan to get my coursework done first, and leave everything else to later, let’s see how that goes, how much I have to leave for another day.

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