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5.3 free books

So, after that long ramble yesterday, I have a new plan. Rather than sending money to some website in hopes of earning some of it back one day, which seems highly unlikely, I have decided that instead I will be putting that book up somewhere on the internet for anyone to read, should they want to. I thought I might as well, after going to all that trouble of writing it, and it might be a good way of getting some idea of what people think of my stuff, maye even of what could be improved in my other attempts. I would actually rather have my work read by people I am unlikely to ever meet than someone that I would have to see and talk to quite often, knowing that they have seen the sorts of strange things I write about sometimes. Though, it may take me a few days to find the best place to put it, this is not something I have ever done before, though I did consider it a few years ago. Of course once I get around to it, I will put a link somewhere around here, I am sure.

Rather a short post today, it is getting quite late and I have been rather busy most of the day, slowly making my way through all the things I want to get done, mostly rather boring stuff that hardly seems worth mentioning. And, I have finally managed to put up the little banners I won, complete with links back to the site for anyone curious. And, changed the background on here, after finding that other one a little annoying after a while.

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