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2.3 getting there

So, this afternoon, I paid the last bit of rent on this place, last time I’ll have to go and do that, and soon after, I finally got around to paying the deposit on the house I will be renting next year. I went down to where the people organising everything live and gave them the cheque that I had actually written out for them some time ago. And of course, being me, I was rather quiet throughout, making us both feel a little awkward, I think, they are a little unsure how I will cope with giving all my details to whoever is arranging the rental and contract and everything, but I am sure there I can manage, I can at least answer a set of simple questions by myself. I also suspect they are starting to become a little unsure about having me living with them, at least the partner of the person I met with is, from the little I heard of him in the next room, not that they don;t want me around, not yet at least, just that I am perhaps not quite what they expected.

Meanwhile, I returned to the library yesterday, and will be going again this evening, work on my history project progresses, if a little slower than it was a few months ago, whilst work on my other story is still coming on slowly. I have, though, managed to spend a lot of time the last couple of days planning out the next one. It is to be set in Ireland some centuries ago, and I have been trying to learn about the way the country worked back then. It is interesting, but also rather complicated, with so many lords and chiefs and kingdoms, and all changing all the time, it would be a lot easier if I could just find a map of the whole island just at the right time, Spring of 1594, and a list of all the lords ruling different parts, who they owed fealty to, and what they did leading up to and during the coming war. I guess I shall just have to piece all that together myself, bit by bit.

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