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1.3 end of the month

And another month over, they really are going by so fast now. I admit that I have been doing rather little work on any of teh things on my timetable the last few days, unlike last month when I was working my way through all the new drafts and whatever right to the end. However, that is all over with now, and it just means a little more to do over the summer, when I should be rather less busy with everything else. What am I supposedly going to be doing this month, then? I think I really do need to put my timetable in a slightly easier place to get to, or maybe that can wait until I get my new computer, anyway, keep to the point, what does it say?

I was supposed to have finished one of the stories I have been working on yesterday, but I haven’t, I think there is still an hour or perhaps two more to go on that, with the difficulty I had thinking up decent names for some of the characters mostly, something I have put off fixing right to the end.

Continuing writing my current first draft, as always, I should finish that this month, though, or soon after, if all goes well.

Writing more on my previous story, the one I accidently finished some weeks ago, I have changed to working through the second draft, which will actually mean, I am sure, redoing the whole thing with the original as just a guide.

Second draft of spy story goes away, to wait until next month, and third draft of vampire story comes back out, and this time I have a whole list of notes of just what needs to be changed. And now, I am also due to start planning for the sequel for that spy story, the plan is to work on that every day for the whole month, and hopefully that will be enough to make the first draft much easier when its time comes.

And of course, still working on my history project, not much more left there, though not long left to do it in either, and with my computer not working as well as it should, it might be difficult to get it all done in time.

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