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1.3 big decision time

So, Tuesday again, and it seems I face in the next couple of days what could prove to be the most important decision in all my time at university, a major challenge involving ethics, morality and the chance to do less work.

Either, I can keep working through my own design of this building right through to the end, do the best I can in the final drawings and the model, or I can give up on that and do what I have been told is the right way, finishing a few last minute changes to an alternative design, that I don’t much like, and draw up that much simpler and easier building.

The advantages to continuing with my own work, I have been doing this for months now, in just the way that I think a building should be designed, looking first at the people that use the space and that live and work around it, and the buildings that already exist in the surrounding area, I have concept sketches, precedents, piles of design development, all that stuff that they so often assure me is important alongside these final drawings, and I have worked out almost every last detail of the design, made it just the way I like it, and I know almost all of it inside and out.

The advantages to scrapping that and starting again are that I have been told by the people that will be marking my work that what I have done is wrong. Even though I can’t see why they think that, I should respect their opinions, or something. Also, this new design, though further from completion, is much simpler, it would be a lot easier to draw up and to make a model of, giving me more time for everything else.

Trouble is, I think this new design is rather ugly and particularly looks wrong dropped into the midst of this existing urban setting, though my tutors seemed to quite like my drawings of cubes and blank white walls, for some reason. And also, of course, I am not entirely comfortable with the whole design, large parts of it are taken from drawings I was given by my tutors, however much they might say it is a slight change on what I have been doing, I can see that it is more their work than mine, and it is remarkably similar to the sort of building many others in the studio are doing this time around.

Although, I did say once, or at least think to myself, that I should go along with whatever style the people commissioning the building thought would work best. I had meant it mostly as a way out of finding it so difficult to choose between so many ideas I had been having, but I suppose doing what my tutor, who came up with the whole project, says should be best might fit with that as well. At the very least, I can try to resolve some of the remaining issues with the design, get everything worked out ready to start on the final drawings, I might come almost to like it, eventually.

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