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30.2 being me

So, I never mentioned before, did I, one of the people living right near here at univeristy writes too, I’m not sure how much, but I’ve heard people talking about books of theirs outside, surprising just how clearly I can hear everything here with the door shut. Of course, on discovering that, some months ago, any normal person would have made sure their own attempts at writing came up sooner or later, and then spent many an hour discussing the various ups and downs of the profession.

But of course, being me, I had no idea how to drop something like that into conversation, and since then have also been talking less and less with my neighbours too, though I think more because the communal area has been taken over by a bunch of xBox players almost all the time, rather than as before our evening film watching and hanging around talking. And also because I started to feel uncomfortable sitting there with the others not saying very much most times.

Anyway, long story short, I came up with an idea that I could start spending more time hanging out in that communal area, working and such like, it might be a better place to work, with more comfortable chairs and less distractions, and a good chance of getting myself involved in stuff again and with being drawn into discussion about what I am doing. Slightly cheating, perhaps, but I thought I might as well try. So, of course with my laptop battery barely lasting a few minutes that got a bit more difficult, and I didn’t bother, thinking I could even use my having gotten a new computer as an excuse for my change of habits. Last week, then, I didn’t get around to buying a new computer, though I think tehre are plenty of places to plug this one in there.

And instead, I started thinking, what if people actually take an interest in what I am writing, I would be rather reluctant to discuss the actual content of my current story with anyone, it is rather strange and not very good, so I started thinking maybe I could get back into another of the more normal ideas I have lying around, just for a little while. After all, there are only a few days left, and then I will have missed an opportunity, for what I am not sure, but if I keep on as I have been I never will know.

Meanwhile, the snooker is near to finishing. Another couple of hours perhaps, and a boy from Bristol, of all people, carries the whole fate of the sport on his shoulders. You see, for those that have not been following events these last few weeks, the other finalist, John Higgins, was suspected of cheating, but with not enough evidence to convict him (though I get the impression that he has lost a lot of his former popularity whatever really happened), and I worry what might happen were he to go on to win the final of the biggest event of the year. And now, he is getting slowly into the lead… As well, each member of my family had tried to guess who would win, for some strange reason I favoured a random outsider, and now he is within a few frames of winning, somehow.

And, watching this is rather distracting me from all the work I should be getting done this evening.

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