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29.2 easter

Meanwhile, what have I been up to these missing few weeks, and where have I been whilst almost ignoring this place?

I have little idea, the time seems to have passed by rather quickly (though even more so this afternoon, it feels like just moments ago I was having lunch, and now it is getting late in the evening). I kept meaning to come back here and add more, but then I would put it off again, I had other more important things to be doing, lots of work I was getting behind on, and what was just one more missed day. Thing is, of course, I was spending rather little time doing any work, though in part that was because it was difficult to find anywhere to do it, now that I have to share a bedroom, which is rather cluttered, as is much of the house, and there is no clear desk area where I can sit and work. Sure, a laptop is useful for working anywhere, but it can be rather awkward sitting with it on my lap for hours at a time, trying to find comfortable positions.

As well, of course, there was always stuff going on, the snooker championship was on all over easter, and I was watching that a lot, and of course there was easter itself, the egg hunt, the party we held, and so on. But mostly, as always, I simply couldn’t be bothered to get on with my work. Though, I do admit I have been finding it difficult, that is why I left much of the stuff I have left this long, the easy bits were mostly done weeks ago. Early on in the holiday I thoguht I had plenty of time to get it all done, in the middle I wasn’t entirely sure what it was I was supposed to be doing, other than a vague idea that I had to be able to start work on my final presentation as soon as I get back, and towards the end I was sure I would not be able to finish in time, and had started coming up with other plans of what I should be doing and when I could get it all finished. Now, I hope to have enough on Tuesday that I can go in, show that I have done a lot on my design, that it is all worked out and detailed and ready to go, and also that I have considered their suggestions and tried to make them work. I still have a lot to do tomorrow, then.

Meanwhile, of course work includes writing as well, I am getting rather behind on my current story, I have very little plot, I am jsut making it all up as I go, and not very well, and as such, as well as all those distractions above, I have struggled to get much done each day. Meanwhile, I have not gotten any of my history work done, being away from the library all that time, though I had hoped to at least look through part of what I have already done and see if that needs any changes.

And, my parents were able to persuade me not to get a new computer, I am still using my old laptop, with the battery that runs out in a few minutes, and now the buttons that don’t always work, and the worry that something more serious might go wrong any time. I know they are right, though, it still works quite well, other than the battery, and I can still plug it in wherever, and I would be better off waiting until I have more time to look around at a range of cumputers and chose just the right one, rather than rushing off any buying one in the few days I was at home for. And it does save me trying to move everything over whilst also rushing to finish it all at the end of the year. Meanwhile, no luck as yet with finding a new program to do all my work on, either, I am hoping I will be able to ask some advice on that on Tuesday, along with everything else. If not, I will have to make a start on the model and hope sometihng turns up out of nowhere in the next few days, or I have rather little chance of doing well this time around. all I need, though, is for someone to reccomend a decent program, and a suggestion of where I could learn a bit of how to use it, and most likely someone I can go back to to complain that it doesn’t work. Surely that should not be so difficult around here?

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