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18.2 a few days away

It has been rather a long time since I was last here, I admit. So, I had no internet access for most of a week, and then with one thing and another didn’t get around to updating recent events until it reached such a time I started looking back at all I would have to add and putting it off over and over. But, here I am now.

We went for five days in a little place just outside Southamton last week, my parents were able to get a special offer somewhere that allowed us to go away for only a few pounds for the whole family. Though, we did end up having to be in a choice of not particularly appealing places. here we were about an hour away from the New Forest, there was rather little to do, other than things that were quite some distance away, or cost rather a lot. Instead, after travelling most of Monday, including picking me up from university on the way, we spent the evening playing cards. Tuesday my dad took us all to the car museum not far away, and we looked around a bit, the food there was ludicrously expensive, and there was rather little choice either, in the end we skipped lunch entirely and had a nice big dinner on the way back.

Wednesday, I failed to persuade them we should go around a wide range of attractions in Portsmouth, instead we looked round a ruined building, and went to see another, only to find it was only open one day a month. Then, we struggled to find anything to eat out, eventually settling for some sandwiches, then a rather early dinner that afternoon too, since there seemed nowhere to eat near where we were staying.

Thursday we returned to the car museum, they give a ticket for a free return, and there was nowhere else at all to go. Though this time we knew to take our own food. Afterwards, I suggested a few other interesting seemign places nearby, we drove right past one without seeing any sign of it, the next was very expensive, and involved a lot of walking around, so we didn’t bother, and instead my dad, who seems to know the area surprisingly well, perhaps from a visit some decades ago, or perhaps for spending all day reading leaflets about it, managed to find us a little working mill to look around.

Most evenings I managed to keep almost to my target working on typing my latest story, though with some difficulties given I have no idea what should be happening, and I managed to do no university work at all, in spite of taking much of it with me, it stayed in my bedroom all week. Other than that, time was spent reading books, of which I had recently bought a few, and playing cards, something my sister seems to suddenly decide to do every time we go away.

First thing Friday morning, then, we packed everything and set off home, passing by my room at university along the way to pick up all my other stuff that I hadn’t thought worth carrying all that way just to take it all the way back. And that was the end of a rather fun week away.

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