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9.2 going home

So, going home for easter now. Well, not just yet, we are going somewhere else for a few days first, which nicely means this time at least my parents are coming to pick me up on the way, the alternative was to take all my stuff back home for a few hours then go back out again. It also gives me a few hours more this morning, to make sure everything is organised, to go out and buy a few more bits and pieces, and to write this. Though of course I forgot, more than once, and now, with everything else packed, am hoping I can get this done in the few minutes before the battery runs out.

So, last couple of days, that first draft I was working on is finished. I came up with an idea that allowed me to add a little depth to the final scene whilst also somehow making that a part of what finishes off the other things that needed doing, then a couple of quick pages of not much and it was all over. Now, I just need to spend some months making it a lot better, though luckily I have plenty of time for that, having finished so early. Meanwhile, I am also working through the second draft of another story, it is going reasonably well, though I am just coming up to one part I know will need a few changes, and in another couple of days will be at a part I might well have to remove and redo almost entirely, which will be fun. Meanwhile, that other story I was having trouble with, I’ve gone back to it, and managed a little more, and sort of organised how I am going to approach working on it from now. So, a lot of work, and I still have to get all my university coursework done too. Going to be a fun few weeks off.

And finally, those books I never got, and that book token. After about a month of waiting, and thinking it might be another month before I had another chance, I went out this morning and bought them both myself. Now I just have to find room to pack them amongst everything else. Well, my parents should be here in less than an hour, everything is packed. All I need for the next few days in my rather overfull bag, the rest in my suitcase where I can pick it up on the way home. The room is nice and clean and tidy, it seems they think the thing to do is send people round to check up on it over the holiday, make a list of complaints if it isn’t shiny and spotless in here, even though we are halfway through living here. And, this way I get to take my computer with me, my parents have always had a problem with us taking computers, or library books, on holiday with us, but today they aren’t here to stop me, so I can get some work done this week, perhaps.

Then I just have to get that new computer some time soon and copy it all over, it feels a little strange working on here, knowing I will have to move everything over in a few days, probably onto my other computer that I rarely use, if I do indeed get myself one of those cheap little laptops just for writing and stuff. Means a lot more complicated moving things around when I get back, having to work on here rather than my new computer still, and then split my work and everything up differently, but I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.

And, battery still at 41%. 🙂  After about ten minutes on here, though.

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