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4.2 progress, or lack of it

In theory I should be working through different stages in each of four different stories at the moment, which seems a lot to me.

I have gotten my recent spy story back out, it is sitting in the centre of my desktop waiting, and I have started reading back through it and looking for bits that don’t seem right, but yet I know the bigger problem is getting the outline right, I need to add in some extra scenes, and most likely remove some to make time, and move bits around, rather difficult to arrange in a file of that size, trying to find everything, and with little more idea what to do now than when I was writing it.

I should be on the final edit of another little story I wrote a few months ago, but I have so far been paying little attention to the notes I wrote up for that, and have just been reading it, and correcting the occasional spelling mistake.

The one I should be most worried about, I have barely done anything on for months, other than managing to split the plot in half and work on only one part, long and rambling, even more so than my posts on here, and with no chapter breaks for a while either, whilst leaving the other a part long way behind, with no idea what should be happening there.

And finally, the one that I have been working on, and worrying about, has taken another turn for the worse. The last fifty pages or so, my characters have been just standing around saying “What are we going to do now” “How are we supposed to stop the bad guys” “We don’t even know where they are or what they’re planning” and so on. And then, I just skipped forward a few days, and had pretty much ‘and then they went and did the thing that they had finally planned to do, even though noone was too sure how it worked, but it went OK, and then it was all over’ except of course that now, after ruining my planned final climactic scene at the olympics, I still have the bad guys around somewhere still not at all stopped, and probably planning something else too.

So, not going wonderfully well at the moment. I’m hoping with a bit of effort over the summer I can make up for this.

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