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3.2 university work

I hadn’t intended to today, but could you let me complain about my teachers once more? With my course, much of the work involves being set a list of requirements for a building, and then being sent off to design it, coming up with an outline idea, looking at existing buildings for inspiration, and slowly developing it into a finished design that can be drawn up. Every week, on Tuesday mornings, we all go in for three hours and the tutors look at each person’s work and suggest changes. Sounds to me like a decent idea, shame it doesn’t work out like that.

Not only do my tutors never seem to like my ideas, they also seem to like giving me rather low grades and little explanation of why, of what I could improve. But recently they have gotten even more annoying. Normally what I do is come up with a range of ideas, spend too long choosing between them, then half way through give up on that and start something totally different, which I have been repeatedly advised against. This project, I decided I would stick with the same idea throughout, just making a few little changes to that. And every week I go in with my work, hoping to get a little advice on some detail I am struggling with, and instead get another totally different idea described to me, completely contradicting all the advice I have been given before. they seem to want me to abandon my concept, ignore these other buildings I have at last started looking at, scrap my entire design part way through and do something they just made up in a few minutes.

And today, well my last post gives some idea of the trouble I have been having. I took a lot of work in hoping to ask for advice on a range of areas, the last chance before leaving for Easter, and after waiting three hours, in the last few minutes before the lecture started, I was talked through last week’s new plan, (an idea I particularly dislike and that is almost identical to everyone else’s) in a lot more detail, as though I was a little child with no idea what was going on, and could not understand people unless they talked really slowly, went over the same thing three times, and used simple words and lots of pictures (this was a different tutor to usual, mine is off for a few days it seems). So now, I have recieved no advice for months on my work, have no idea what to do about the trouble I have been having with my other projects, and when I get back from Easter, I need to have every last detail worked out, all of my other work done, and somehow need to create some really nice, detailed and well drawn pictures of this building, or I will just fail completely. And because noone ever tells me what I am doing wrong each project, chances are once again I will do my best, get given a list of minor imperfections, and by changing all of them perhaps just manage to get a passing grade, if I am lucky.

I’m sorry for rambling on so long here, I just get so annoyed at all this, especially after so many years. Perhaps I will send an email to my usual tutor asking her all these questions I have, though I know from experience people here rarely reply to emails either.

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