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2.2 Computers again

So, as part of my university course, I am required to do a lot of drawings, and apparently these should be done on certain specialist computer programs, though I am not sure why. A few months ago, I produced a set of drawings for one project that I had drawn in pencil, with all the details, right down to the grain of the wood, all carefully measured too, and though I do not usually like claiming that anything of mine has been done well, I thought they were amongst the best pictures I had done in a long time. And I was just told they should have been done on a computer instead. Next project, I worked entirely on the computer, and this time had to rush a bit towards the end, the finished product could have been a lot better with more work, and with a printer that bothered printing in the colours shown on screen too. And I was told it should have been a different program. Now, I have a chance to do all this work again, so long as I can get it finished in a few weeks, and I decided to find some better program to draw in. Though, in all my time at university I have learnt little about such things, and didn’t have much time to teach myself, I thought I might as well give it a go.

I have since tried three more programs. The first seemingly only allows simple black outlines, and after spending hours copying out the first project, and rather a long time getting it printed as well, it seems the expensive new university printers cannot cope with lines less than 2mm thick. I had carefully gone through and set the lines to a range of different thicknesses to show the building receding into the distance, and to separate the main outline from the little details, and it printed them all in big thick lines sprawled across the page. And this a program I was repeatedly reccomended by both staff and fellow students.

The second program, as far as I can tell, only allows very simple drawings, it takes a lot of effort to produce anything more than a few squares and circles, and then gives them each bright unrealistic colours. So that was out. Then just yesterday I spent hours searching the internet for something better, and trying to download a free trial of another program I had been reccomended. This one, when I eventually got it… there are no words to describe how terrible it is. The whole thing is confusingly arranged, I have been unable to find most of the tools I would need still, and it works by creating a 3 dimensional model, but of course, drawing on a 2D screen, it makes up the other distance, giving all sorts of strange angles. And that is when it isn’t simply not doing anything or putting stuff in the wrong place. And then it gives to option of taking pictures of the model from different angles, these, on the highest quality, are tiny, zooming in reveals a very low quality pixilated image. I could have brought up Microsoft Paint, (which I am now forbidden from using), and done a much better drawing in half the time.

So, at the end of all that, I have come to the conclusion that all these programs are terrible, that I have no chance of working out what to do with them by myself, know of noone that can teach me, and have nowhere near enough time to learn. I shall just have to take the bits I have managed to do in to studio tomorrow and ask for some advice, perhaps ask to be allowed to do the work properly, with a range of different pencils and a ruler. It seems to me the only advantage to working on the computer is if someone needed to measure something off it with absolute accuracy, and then, surely it would be best to keep it all on the computer, where the distances can be easily looked up, rather than printing it out and trying to measure with a ruler?

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