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30.1 end of the month

So, another month over, it seems. I finished the third draft of my vampire story just on time, then filed it away to wait a bit, though I still have a bunch of notes on what to do for the fourth draft, stuff perhaps I should have done this time. Anyway, time then to look back at my timetable and see what I am supposed to be doing the next few weeks…

As I suspected, continuing with both my current story ideas, though I think one of those will be completed within the week, also more of my history project as always, slightly complicated as I still haven’t gotten myself a new laptop and chances are the battery is even worse now, but then, perhaps I can find some way to plug it in. Or even, get the books from the library and sit here working..? We shall see, anyway, also I am supposed to be getting my spy story back out and reading back through it, working on the second draft, I think this one could do with a lot of changes. And, you remember that nanowrimo I mentioned a few days ago, the story I wrote for that I am supposed to be finishing off the last edition, though as yet all I have done is corrected a few spelling mistakes and made a list of possible changes, and ideas for the sequel.

Quite a lot of work to be doing next month, and on top of that all my university work too, which is not going wonderfully well, after some computer difficulty yesterday, but I think I can still get everything done on time, with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

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